How to Create A Sitemap

Sitemap is an important thing in every website. There are many website owners who want to have this sitemap on their sites. It is very useful to help them increase their traffic on their sites. Effective sitemap is very useful to increase the chance of getting the content shown up on some major search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo, or […]

Ways for Ensuring the Security of the WordPress

WordPress training is much necessary for ensuring the security of your WordPress blog. WordPress is one among the most popular platforms that support self hosted websites and blogs. It is an amazing tool that can really make your website and blog work in good manner with all the good and engaging contents that you post. The WordPress has always tried […]

How to Change The Number of Blog Posts Shown On Home Page

Your blog’s homepage is the most important page of your blog as it is the page that gets the most exposure and traffic. Each and every blog post may vary, depending on the topic, and this might cause some problems with your overall design. Even more, displaying too many elements and posts on your blog’s homepage may increase page loading […]

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