4 ways to identify good keywords

4 ways to identify good keywords

The importance of a good SEO ranking cannot be emphasised enough for any corporation or individual that runs their business online.

With businesses being conducted on the Internet, it is important for one to identify the right keywords that are going to increase traffic to their sites and possibly increase their sales and brand awareness.

There is a lot that a keyword can do to improve business. It is, therefore, paramount that companies identify useful keywords. That begins with keyword research.

To identify good keywords, there are a few tools that one can use so as to identify the right keywords.

Those tools include:

Web Analytics – These are the very innovative tools from the tech giant Google. Web analysis tools like Google Analytics or HubSpot software will allow one to identify which organic search words are currently driving traffic to one’s website. These keywords will offer a good baseline of core keywords and provide one with a list of keywords that one can use to assist in search engine optimisation. One also gets performance results that one can use to benchmark his or her future SEO efforts against. It provides an excellent starting point from where one can build upon.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool – Google has created a few tools that make it easy to conduct keyword research. A great place to start is with the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. One can insert one keyword, multiple keywords, or even one’s website address, and Google will then run analysis and then return a list of related keywords along with simple metrics to estimate how fierce the competition is around each keyword and how many searches it gets on both a global and local search level.

Google Insights for Search – The Google Insights for Search tool allows one to enter multiple keywords and filter them by location, search history, and category. One is then given results that show how much web interest there is around a particular keyword, what caused the interest for that particular keyword, the source of the traffic is, and keywords that are similar.

Keyword Grader – It is very critical for one to know how the keywords are faring. This can be done using HubSpot, which has its very own Keyword Grader tool, which helps one identify the best keywords for optimising one’s site and also tracks results from each one. This tracking feature allows one to see which keywords are driving traffic and leads. One can, therefore, continue optimising his or her keywords over time based on this information.

So as one can see, there choosing the right keywords and doing a keyword research is the key to improving a site. The organic boost that a company enjoys, as a result, using a good keyword can be the most important thing that the business requires to improve its online presence and stand out from the rest of the competition.

Now that one knows about all these great tools that he or she can make use of, it is about time he or she got out there and started discovering his or her best keywords for Search Engine Optimisation.

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