5 Digital Marketing Trends to try in 2016

5 Digital Marketing Trends to try in 2016

As 2015 comes to an end, it’s time to face the approaching events of the future. With the great leaps and improvements we have made in terms of technology and innovation, betterment is only a matter of time.

Here are 5 Digital Marketing Trends that are predicted to emerge in 2016, maybe you can consider and give them a try:

1. Wearable Technology

The introduction of wearable tech started late in 2015 and has been predicted to continue gaining popularity in 2016. From temporary scanning tattoos in glitzy night clubs to everyday gadgets like the first generation smart watch- Apple Watch, the mingling of technology and daily objects/activities has every one sitting up and paying attention. In fact, competing smart watches are scheduled to appear in the market in 2016.

That’s just the beginning. 2016 can very likely be the year people adorn their bodies with technology and fashion rolled into one- clothing, jewellery, glasses- the possibilities are endless. This marks a golden opportunity for digital marketers everywhere to jump into the scene in terms of coming up with the idea of providing 24/7 accessible information and content catered to wearable tech.

2. Virtual Reality

Apart from wearable tech, there is another type of device that’s been causing rumbles in the marketing scene- Virtual Reality Devices. Plenty of virtual reality devices like Oculus Rift have been said to be launched within the next few years. While many are of the belief that these devices are used for video games and the like, that is actually a misconception. There are others designed specifically for general use.

With the introduction of Virtual Reality Devices, a completely new form of marketing has arrived! Social media Platform, Direct messaging. Youtube channels and more. The funding for their development continues smoothly and so persistently, even bigger names like Google and Facebook have been interested in the possibilities of immersive marketing. Think of all the possibilities you can achieve with it’s capacity for engagement.

3. Video Ads

With popular search engines like Google starting to include video content into the search engine algorithms, video ads will be propelled further into popularity in 2016. Video Ads provide a fresh new perspective when it comes to advertising. People naturally crave a certain sense of stimuli and emotional engagement- video ads can do exactly that since it’s more engaging than simple images or blocks of text alone.

In fact, social media platform Facebook has also recognized the potential video ads could bring to advertisers and began making video options available. This shows that internet users are gradually becoming more receptive of video ads- a great opportunity for digital marketers to hop on the bandwagon and cater to them.

4. Digital Assistants

Apart from traditional marketing strategies relying on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising, there is a potential for a new type of optimization strategy- and it involves digital assistants.

Digital assistants like Siri and Cortana can be optimized when it comes to answering the questions of consumers. As of the moment, they still do use traditional search engines when it comes to finding information. But rather than doing so, what you can do is make sure your business information can be easily accessible through the virtual assistant which makes things more productive instead of funneling people in.

5. Mobile Apps

In today’s society, the amount of smart phone users are steadily increasing on a daily basis. In fact a good percentage of total internet users rely on their smartphones to surf the net. As a result, Google has decided to make changes to the search engine algorithms so that mobile friendly websites stand to gain an advantage in search rankings.

Google has also begun making use of data from indexed apps in it’s search engine algorithms. App indexing has since taken off, dropping app content on mobile search results, prompting convenience to users since apps are more responsive on mobile, and a new area of marketing for business owners. 2016 will continue to see the rise in many apps to come as more business owners decide to catch onto the trend.

Of course, these won’t be the only trends to come in 2016. But they will, undoubtedly, cause a big impact on their own all the same. Do you see any that can be adopted into your marketing strategy in 2016? Are you willing to give these strategies a try and reap the benefits?

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