MailChimp Email Marketing Course

1 Day MailChimp Email Marketing Course at S$198 

(SkillsFuture Approved)

  1. Setting up a free MailChimp account
  2. Adding & importing subscribers
  3. Utilize email templates
  4. Begin your first email campaign with MailChimp
  5. Examine reports
  6. Insert a signup form to your website
  7. Administer subscriber lists
  8. Improve your click and open rates
  9. Improve to a paid MailChimp account
  10. Learn how to use Email Automation which allows you to send email to the right person at the right time
  11. Unsubscribe users have to call in to unsubscribe rather than utilizing the unsubscribe function in email
  12. Learn how to track your progress in real time. Post your emails on social media and trace them using the Email Tracking Tools which reveal who is opening, clicking and sharing them and subsequently, allows you to plan the next move
  13. Increase profitable clients’ feedback through simple online surveys
  14. Learn how to connect your business with potential customers through Social media marketing which links you with Twitter, Facebook and Linkedln and get close to your customers wherever you go

Note: Do bring your laptop / notebook / macbook for this course as you will get to practice step-by-step as the lesson progresses. We will be providing you with wireless connection or you can choose to bring along your wireless connection.

 International Plaza – Beside Tanjong Pagar MRT


mailchimp email marketing course

Our MailChimp Email Marketing Training Course will guide you how to establish a MailChimp Account, add existing or new subscribers, and apply list segments and groups to different target audience. You will be taught how to utilize email templates to create an engaging newsletter which ultimately, increases the amount of interested audience. MailChimp Email Marketing is continually revolutionizing and providing you with the most updated tools to market your business through email.

Why Choose Us?

Our MailChimp Email Marketing Course is easily reachable in Singapore. Our course will help you learn how to utilize email templates to create an appealing newsletter and subsequently, increases the amount of engrossed audience.

We organize classes at the International Plaza, Tanjong Pagar. It is the heart of CBD area. We offer high end training facilities to provide students with an excellent learning environment.

With our course, you will have hands-on training which includes adding and importing of subscribers. This course is eminently affordable at the cost less than $300. You cannot get this price anywhere else. Once you complete the course, you will obtain a Certificate given by our company.

We wish to highlight that dates may be subjected to changes without notice.

To start a class, there must be at least 6 participants otherwise it will be postponed to further notice.

We can make special arrangement for companies who wish for a close class. (Minimum of 6 participants)

Only Singapore Dollars are accepted for payment and all payments are non-exchangeable or refundable for other items.