Social Media Marketing Strategy Revamp- Dos and Don’ts

Social Media Marketing Strategy Revamp- Dos and Don’ts

2016’s finally here! With the New Year in sight, people are often fond of making New Year aspirations and spring cleaning to usher in better luck and prosperity so time to spruce up your corporate social media accounts and get better viewer engagement on your social media marketing campaigns!

Here’s some Dos and Don’ts to guide you along:

Do develop a content strategy for your upcoming activity on various social media platforms. Sourcing and scheduling to keep your pages or accounts running with regular activity is a good step but go one step beyond by knowing exactly when you can get yourself noticed more. Research has shown that people are more inclined on activity (mentioning/reviewing/commenting) on corporate companies and services on Thursday so perhaps schedule more important posts like events, contests and the like on days where they are likelier to get noticed instead of having to compete over the general noise.

Do monitor and analyse the different social media platforms you are currently active on, as well as emerging channels/platforms. It’s a known fact that different social media platforms has different strengths and flaws so there is a need to prioritise and organize your goals on them. Say for example:

Facebook is excellent when it comes to advertising and the like but not exactly effective alone for B2B. Instagram on the other hand, is a favourite when it comes to influencers and bloggers, who regularly advertise products to their large following but remains heavily video/photo based. And Twitter? Twitter’s great when it comes to customer interaction. Consider if there are any platforms you can combine, whether there may be audiences you are overlooking, and monitor the activity you have on each account. Are your customer base more likely to interact and like or share your photos/posts on Instagram than Facebook? By analyzing, you will be able to devote your focus on the best results as well as discover new opportunities you can seize and get a step ahead.

Do nurture good impressions. Answer tweets about your corporation and maintain a gracious professional attitude. Be prepared to help troubleshoot potential problems or give professional solutions and create an impression that your company is filled with people who are genuine in terms of service. People will appreciate the effort and take note, you may even get additional positive reviews in the process. More reviews means more visibility and if done right, you can cut down on the expenses for your social media marketing expenses!

Don’t forget to update your social media channels! Fresh content is one of the key elements that should be present in your social media marketing strategy. Pay attention to your accounts- make sure all of them are up to date. It’s best to also update or change your password for security purposes. Make sure all of your listed information on the social media channels are accurate and check the format as well.

Ensure that they are all listed in the same order for search engine optimization purposes. Don’t underestimate mentions that aren’t in English- they do cause an effect on your ROI as well. Even while English is a universal language used by many, there are still a select 30%++ of mentions in other languages. Besides, in this day and age, the number of people who communicate and work in multiple languages are staggering. It would be good if you can consider having multilingual references to be inclusive on your platform.

Don’t allow content on your social media accounts to stagnate. Generate more interest by keeping up with current events and trends so that your followers are more compelled to share your content. But remember to be discreet and polite about it. Do not monetise on tragedy.

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