13 business productive cloud tools

13 business productive cloud tools

Cloud tools are a great way to get organized and focus on work. As technology changes and the need for productive tools increases, there are a few great tools that can streamline work and make it easier, faster and more fun. Consider these top tools to help with day-to-day projects, work related items and team collaborations.

Cloud Tools


This tool is great for both home-based projects and also for projects at the office. Use the friendly reminder feature to help get things done – in this lifetime!


Bullet Journaling
While some are long-handed, Bullet Journaling is for those who like to sum up their tasks with brief bullet points. It’s also a great feature for writing out one’s ideas and strategizing goal setting.


 1-3-5 List
This great tool is beneficial for not just starting a to-do list, but checking items off throughout the day. It’s also useful for small tasks and goal setting that can help improve empowerment, one check at a time.


The Carrot App

Like a horse led by a carrot, that’s right. This app rewards users for completing tasks and the fun gaming feature can take the monotony out of checklists that never seem to end.


Teux Deux

Ever go for a drive and start drafting a to-do list? With teux-deux, users can achieve just that and it’s as simple as having a pen and paper in hand. Now write that list…



The goal is, if it fits on a post-it, that’s perfect. Goal setting made simple with this easy to use feature, just not for the long-winded types who write on both sides and tape post-its together!



The great feature with this tool is it helps accomplish goals in the same day and that can lead to increased productivity and organization.



It’s also great for sharing notes at work with others so one can multi-task together.



This is a great sharing feature that can help to collaborate at work and in school with other users.

Projects are more transparent and streamlined with this fun tool that lets all users see what others are working on, and their progress.



Another great tool for collaborative efforts and group think, this can help to ensure team communication is shared across various projects.


Get it Done

Have 15-minutes? With this cool tool, 15-minutes a day is all you need to work on projects, get organized and work on that inner creative genius.



Break time limits by structuring time slots, timed breaks and one can find that their time is better managed instead of scrambling to complete tasks haphazardly.



This visual tool helps to promote creativity by focusing on tasks that need to be completed versus those that need to be, well, canned.

With so many great new tools and resources, cloud-based management is easier to focus on. Productive tools like these help users become more organized, empowered and find better uses for their time.

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