Video Ads- Facebook or Youtube?

Reports published have claimed that popular social media platform Facebook is quickly catching up to Youtube in terms of video advertising products on the internet. In fact, it is mentioned to display the fastest amount of growth when it comes to internet marketing. Both platforms hold a sizable amount of 1.3 – 1.4 billion active users so awareness/reach will not be the deciding […]

Google Adwords Training in Singapore

Google Adwords is what a business blogger needs to promote and advertise his products and services. Google Adwords is simple and does not require expertise knowledge and skill to use it. The Google service is sufficient, and Google Adwords training sessions in Singapore will equip an individual with the knowledge on how to use Google Adwords in a range of 24 to 48-hours. It […]

5 Tips For employing a good SEO company

Internet platforms provide the easiest and simplest means for business owners to market their services and products to more consumers. Business owners might lack the necessary expertise required to manage their SEO platforms for their business or might be too busy with daily business operations and lack time to concentrate efficiently. Such owners can decide to outsource SEO services to an agency that will professionally […]

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