Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips For Freelance Designers

Becoming a Freelancer takes a lot of proactivity and discipline for it to pay off- You need to focus on expanding your client base, brushing up the quality of your work, growing your network, calculating finances and endure long hours of working on a project without giving into the temptation to take more breaks. As simple as it sounds, people often find out […]

Safety threats to look out for in your WordPress site

WordPress is an SEO-friendly CMS platform that makes it easy for beginner designers and corporations to design and customise their very own website for professional use. Everything about it’s interface is designed for easy maintenance and usage, thereby making it one of the most popular CMS platforms out in the business field. Unfortunately with that popularity, also comes a chance […]

5 Steps To Making Viral Content

When it comes to content marketing, making it viral is all it’s about. You want the content you painstakingly created to be seen and noticed, to be appreciated by as many people as possible so that it opens further windows of opportunity. But talk is cheap while the doing part is a real challenge. Here’s 5 steps you can take […]

Social Media Marketing Strategy Revamp- Dos and Don’ts

2016’s finally here! With the New Year in sight, people are often fond of making New Year aspirations and spring cleaning to usher in better luck and prosperity so time to spruce up your corporate social media accounts and get better viewer engagement on your social media marketing campaigns! Here’s some Dos and Don’ts to guide you along: Do develop […]

5 Golden Rules of Workplace Data Security

One of the most crucial elements that customers value above quality or price when it comes to signing up for business services, is trust. People need to know that the personal information they’re giving your company is confidential and remains so for the long run. Especially if you work in places like the bank, accounting firm and et cetera. Here […]

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