How to Add Thumbnails to Your Posts

Thumbnail is a reduced size versions of certain image. This image is very useful to help all website owners recognize and organize all pictures easily. Therefore, many people are interested to learn how to add thumbnails to the posts quickly. There are several useful tips that people can follow, so they can add these images to their WordPress sites easily. Once people follow these simple tips, they should be able to add thumbnails to their sites immediately. Not all people know these secrets and tips. Because of that reason, many website owners are still looking for the best way to add these thumbnails easily.

1. Use a good theme that supports thumbnail feature

This is the first easy way that people can follow easily. They can simply choose the best theme that may support the thumbnail feature. There are some famous themes that support this feature, for example Genesis, Elegant Themes, and some other themes. People can select the right theme that is suitable for their needs. It is important to compare some available themes before choosing the right one for their sites. Most themes usually include some easy steps for helping all customers in installing thumbnails to the sites easily.

2. Click the “Set Featured Image”

After choosing the right theme, this step becomes another useful step for all website owners. People can look at the “Set Featured Image” box around the Posts area. This box can be found at the right side. It is usually located under the “Tags” or “Category” boxes. Before people can submit their featured image, they should click this button. Clicking this button is going to bring people to the next step. It is not difficult to find this box at the right hand side of the computer screen.


3. Choose the featured image from the box

After people press the ‘Set Featured Image’ button, it will bring you to another page that require to enter the specific box. This box is called as ‘Set Featured Image’ box. There are other options that are available in this box. People can simply upload new files to upload their new featured images. Some people want to choose the images that can be found in the media library. All website owners can choose the best option for themselves. They can simply choose the right image that is very attractive to become thumbnail. Make sure to choose the best image that is related with the current posts. After choosing the right image, people can simply click “Set Featured Image” button at the right hand side.


4. Check the result

People should be able to see the result immediately after pressing the “Set Featured Image” blue button from the previous step. They are able to see the image that appears in the ‘Featured Image’ section. It is important to know that the image may appear differently based on the current theme. Different themes may display this featured image with different display from other themes. People need to press the “Save Draft” before they can see this featured image from their posts. After saving the draft, people can simply click the “Preview Post” link that is located at the top side of the Posts area.


5. Use some plugins

There are some great plugins that are available today. Some plugins are very effective to add thumbnails to the posts immediately. This method is very useful for people who don’t want to have any complicated tasks with their thumbnails. Easy Add Thumbnail is believed to be one of the best plugins for adding thumbnails. This plugin is able to set the featured image to the post automatically. People don’t have to do any complicated procedures for getting this automatic feature. They only need to install this plugin on their WordPress sites before they can enjoy all advantages from this plugin.


They are some useful tips for all website owners who want to add thumbnails to their WordPress sites. There are some WordPress training courses that are available for all people who want to learn about this feature. It is important to find the best WordPress training in Singapore. Try to compare some available training courses before choosing your favorite class. Different courses may have their own modules. It is important to join the class based on the appropriate levels, such as beginner, intermediate, advance, and some other levels. Joining some WordPress training classes is very useful to improve the skills and knowledge about WordPress.

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