How to Clean Up a New WordPress Blog

WordPress becomes very popular among many website owners today. Many people are using this platform when they are planning to create new websites. It is very simple to install this platform on a website. People can simply visit their cPanel system when they want to install this platform. The installation process doesn’t take too much time. In most cases, people are able to install WordPress on their sites in 5 minutes or less. Once they install, they have to clean up all unused things from their sites immediately. Here are some useful WordPress in training tips on how to clean up a new WordPress blog easily.

1. Delete default posts, pages, and comments

This is the first thing that people should do when they want to start a new WordPress site. There are some default posts, pages, and comments that may be found in a new site. These default things are specially created to help all new users to learn how to use WordPress platform easily. Most people don’t need these things anymore. Therefore, they need to delete all default posts, pages, or comments immediately. This tip is very useful for all website owners who want to clean up their new WordPress blogs.


2. Delete some unwanted plugins

Some new WordPress blogs come with some default plugins. These plugins usually offered by the web hosting company. There are some companies that may add some additional plugins for doing some important activities, such as backup, cache, and some other useful things. It is important to delete all unwanted plugins because unused plugins may reduce the website speed significantly. People should install some necessary plugins based on their needs and purposes. It is not recommended to install a lot of plugins because they may reduce the website’s performance.


3. Visit the “Setting” page

This is another useful tip for people who want to start their new site. They can simply visit the “Setting” page. There are some useful things that should be managed properly. They have to setup the Site Title and Site Description. They also need to change the clock based on their location. Permalink is another important thing that people have to setup when they want to clean up a new WordPress site. This permalink is very useful to manage the URL name of their posts or pages. This “Setting” page can be used to manage the static pages of the WordPress sites easily.


4. Fill out the personal information on the dashboard

Before people can start writing posts or pages, they should fill out their personal information on the WordPress dashboard. This is very useful to add some personal information, such as name, biography, email address and other personal information. This information is very useful to add authority of the website. This tip is very useful for all website owners who want to be successful in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. Some people also want to change their password when it is necessary. This is another tip for all website owners who want to clean up their new WordPress blogs.

5. Backup the WordPress site

After cleaning up all unused items from the WordPress site, people should consider saving all data to the safe place. They have to backup all important data from their WordPress sites. It is not difficult to backup the whole site today. There are some plugins that are available for all WordPress users. Most plugins are available for all users without any additional costs. The backup process doesn’t take too much time. This backup process is very useful to prevent any data loss from certain websites. It is important to save the data on the cloud storage to prevent any data loss in the future.


They are some useful tips for people who want to clean up their new WordPress sites. All of those procedures are very useful to help all people prepare their new sites easily. Some Internet marketers believe that these steps are very effective to improve the website’s performance effectively. Therefore, they usually recommend their clients to clean up their new sites regularly. WordPress can be a great platform for all website owners when it is used properly. It can be used to improve the website performance when people use this platform based on the right procedure. People can learn some other tips from the best WordPress training on the Internet today.

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