How to Create A Sitemap

Sitemap is an important thing in every website. There are many website owners who want to have this sitemap on their sites. It is very useful to help them increase their traffic on their sites. Effective sitemap is very useful to increase the chance of getting the content shown up on some major search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo, or Google. When people are planning to get their success from Internet marketing, they have to learn how to create a sitemap easily. Almost all WordPress training courses recommend their students to create and submit sitemap for their websites.

1. Create sitemap manually

Some people want to build a sitemap by doing some manual steps. These manual steps can be done easily. People usually start using a new document with a text editor. It is important to use the plain text editor to create this sitemap file, for example Notepad or TextEdit. People can list all pages or posts of their sites on this plan text file. There are some basic things that should be followed by all website owners. They have to read some guidelines from specific search engines, so their sites can be displayed on these search engines easily.


This manual method is very popular among many website owners who know about the HTML coding system. They are able to modify their sitemap files based on their needs or preferences. Therefore, they have a lot of flexible options when they create sitemap manually. This file should be saved as an XML file. All people can simply click “Save As” to save this file as XML file. Don’t forget to include “sitemap” as the file name. After creating this sitemap file, people can upload this file to the web hosting server easily. They also need to submit this sitemap file to the search engines.

2. Use some tools

There are some tools that are available on the Internet today. These tools can help all users create their sitemap files without any problems. They can simply input the URL of their sites on these tools. These tools may generate the sitemap file immediately. People don’t have to wait for long time when creating this sitemap file. There are some sitemap generator tools that are available today, including G-Mapper, IntelliMapper, Sitemap Generator by DevIntelligence, Site Map Pro, Sitemap Writer, and some other tools. Some of them are available for free for all customers. Some other tools are only offered as paid versions.


These tools are able to create the sitemap file instantly. People can simply take this sitemap file before they can submit it to some search engines, such as Bing, Google, or Yahoo. Some people want to use this method because they don’t have to do any complicated procedures from this method. However, they still need to upload the sitemap file to their hosting server. They can use some FTP software to upload this file easily. FileZilla is a perfect tool that can be used to upload the sitemap file to the hosting server quickly.

3. Use plugin

When people use certain platform, such as WordPress, they are able to use some sitemap generator plugins. This type of plugin is very effective to create sitemap file immediately. Using this tool is believed to be the simplest way to create a sitemap quickly and easily. People only need to install this plugin on their sites. It is going to create sitemap every time people publish a new post or page. Some plugins can send the sitemap file to the search engines immediately. This is another reason why many people want to use plugin for creating this file. There is no complicated thing that people should do in using this plugin.


They are some useful tips for people who want to create a sitemap file easily. WordPress is a perfect platform for all website owners. Many people want to use WordPress for creating their own site. People can learn about how to use this platform easily. Some people are interested to take the WordPress training in Singapore. There are some professional training courses in this country. It is important to compare some of these courses before choosing the best one. Some courses may offer high quality class for all students. WordPress training is specially created for all WordPress users who want to improve their knowledge and skills.

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