Ways for Ensuring the Security of the WordPress

WordPress training is much necessary for ensuring the security of your WordPress blog. WordPress is one among the most popular platforms that support self hosted websites and blogs. It is an amazing tool that can really make your website and blog work in good manner with all the good and engaging contents that you post. The WordPress has always tried to implement better security measures for keeping the blogs and the websites that use them in a secure and safe manner. Every time you can find individuals who always want to break this cover of security and damage the blogs of others or who wants to include some spammy links to the blogs of others. These kinds of activities can at time cause negative impact on your reputation. There are certain things that you can do for making sure that you blog is secure. The WordPress training in Singapore has included this information which are really much valuable for the bloggers.


There are no software system available that is immune towards vulnerabilities and bugs. Whatever you do for ensuring security, there are hackers available who are so interested in finding out the security holes and enter in to the protected place. In the case of software that are web based, it is important to make sure that it is updated. When you are using the old form of WordPress, then it is more prone to get attacked and that is why there is need for making it updated in the way you wanted. The new version of WordPress allows the automatic updates of the software and the sites are also notified about the availability of new upgrades. The WordPress training is meant for achieving security through proper updates.

Do Not Use the Default User Name

The WordPress training in Singapore is meant for making sure that the users are not using the default username that is provided in WordPress. Admin is the default username that is used in WordPress. If you are not changing the username, then it is like making the work much easier for the hackers, they can easily break into your account as there is no need for them to find out the user name and you have already given that to them without any kind of hassles and then they only need to decrypt the password for entering into the blog. Once they become successful in that then they can do anything with your blog which can affect the credibility and the reputation that your blog has. It is impossible for you to stop hackers from attacking your blog, the only thing that you can do is to reduce their chance to get into your blog by having a better credentials.

Strong Password

An important thing that is forced by WordPress training is the need for a string password. Using a simple password for the account can make it more prone to attack and it can be easier for the hackers to enter into your account without much struggle. This can make the whole scenario upside down as the hacker then gets the whole control of your blog. The best thing that you can do is to choose a password which is minimum of 8 characters long and it contain uppercase letter, numeric value and also some special symbols associated with this. These kind of varying characters can make the password really something hard to determine. If your blogging team has many members in it, make sure that all the members follow this and make their passwords string and hard to break.

Backing Up Database of Blog

Keeping the backup of the database that is related with your blog is an important thing that is required for ensuring the security of the blog as per the WordPress training in Singapore. There is WordPress backup plugin available named WP-DB-Backup. This plugin is meant for backing up the things that are there in the database of the blog that you have with WordPress. When you are activating this plugin, you get one more tool named backup within the navigation of your website. The backup files can be easily downloaded and stored to the hard drive of yours or else it can be sent to serve through mail.

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