How To Do SEO For A Website

How To Do SEO For A Website

SEO Process Diagram

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential and fundamental as it helps to position your site in the right way. This way people can easily find it when they need it and it can also be located at important points during the buying process. The main aim of SEO is to create a seamless and great user experience and to communicate to all the major search engines the intentions you have so that the engines can recommend your site to all the relevant searches. To help you achieve this and succeed, below is a simple guideline on how to do SEO for a website.


Make sure all your pages load quickly 

Load time of pages is one of the things that affect ranking thus it should be taken into account when it comes to how to do SEO for a website. All your pages need to load fast if you want to benefit from SEO. You can take advantage of Webmaster Tools that can help you monitor the speed of your pages. These are important as they will help you see how fast search spiders think your site is. Try as much as possible to adhere to the three second rule.


Be certain that Google can view and also crawl your website 

While looking for techniques on how to do SEO for a website, it is important to make sure you design a website that can be seen by Google and the search engine can also crawl it. This can be done easily by

Using Robots meta tag- this helps to specify follow and index setting and prevents search engines from using Yahoo or Dmoz. Using Robots.text- these specify site maps and also make certain admin URLs are not accessed by anyone. Making certain all the site text can be read by the search spiders- do not put text or content within flash movies or images. Making sure all links can be followed. Using Sitemap.xml- this makes certain Google has all your webpages on their index. Not hiding content or pages behind forms- do not hide pages or content behind log in forms or any other form submissions if you want them to be indexed as the search crawlers do not submit forms.

Never duplicate content 

Another important factor when learning ways on how to do SEO for a website; is to avoid duplicating content. This is because Google features supplemental index where pages are normally demoted if they are considered duplicates or irrelevant. Do not use large chunks of similar information on one page which includes page titles, description and content as this may also lead to demotion. You can use canonicalization or redirection to solve some of the duplication issues.

One page SEO

For on page SEO, there are a number of tips that you can work with when it comes to how to do SEO for a website and some of them include:

Focusing on one keyphrase per page- the URL, title and h1 heading on a page should focus on a single keyphrase. H1 tag-in addition to featuring the keyphrase, it should also work side by side with the title of the page. Titletag- this should feature the keyphrase and also reflect on the content of the web page.Meta description- this should have a call to action that entices web users to click on your site. Site URLs- this should also include the main keyphrase and it should not have any variable.

Within the page copy 

Other techniques in regards to how to do SEO for a website you can work with when it comes to the page copy itself include:

Include page links- think about user experience when you want to add links within a certain page. For instance, if you happen to mention a keyphrase that mostly focuses on another page in a way that makes sense, you can link to the other page. In line with this, you should also make sure that your search listings are relevant because you want people to stick around when they click on your site because they will have found the relevant information/products/services they are looking for. You should also remember to build an effective link building campaign as this helps to build site authority and helps to the site to rank higher.


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