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Newest Facebook Marketing Strategy- Ads in Facebook Messenger Officially Here!

Newest Facebook Marketing Strategy- Ads in Facebook Messenger Officially Here!

As the world of online advertising changes, so does social media advertising. Facebook has recently undergone revisions in their marketing strategy and decided to make changes by introducing the concept of ads in Facebook Messenger too. What does this mean to entrepreneurs and businesses? Here’s what it means:

After the testing processes implemented since April 2016, Facebook has finally decided to revise and improve the features available to Facebook Marketing. The social media platform has approved the practise of Facebook marketers turning messenger bots into ad bots. Facebook Messenger is now capable of rolling out sponsored messages as a method of building customer relations between brands and customers. All business brands who have been using Messenger’s developer tools will now be able to manage their messenger conversations on one condition: Their ads can be shown only to consumers who already have opened existing conversations with the business brand in particular.

There are, of course, other limitations to consider. The sponsored ad messages in Facebook Messenger can only contain one link and one photo. Sponsored message campaigns also are not capable of automatically running on Facebook or Instagram simultaneously- much unlike the standard ads. This is due to taking customer experience into account.

In exchange, Facebook grants business users the ability to link the ads they run on Facebook to their messenger account to encourage consumers and interested customers to start conversations. Charges for their sponsored messages will only be charged if the ad appears on the Messenger user’s screen (within their messenger inbox). But do note that you will have to pay for ad impressions even if the customer does not open the sponsored message.

You will however be able to know exactly where your consumers are coming from when they clink on the various links that navigate to starting conversations with your business on Messenger. Facebook will also add vertical versions of “content carousels” that businesses can make use of to display different products. You can make use of this to display your items more prominently and even incorporate messenger into your website so that you can use Messenger as a method to contact the customer regarding shipping and product updates. You will also be able to further refine this advertising method by allowing people to choose whether or not to opt in to receiving messages.

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