5 Common WordPress Error Solutions To Learn

5 Common WordPress Error Solutions To Learn

Despite it’s convenience, even user friendly platforms like WordPress are not invulnerable against errors. And it may take a long time waiting for your hosting provider or seeking help from external sources when they occur. Here are 5 common WordPress error solutions that you can learn to troubleshoot for yourself:

1. Error establishing a database connection

This is a frustrating one because a lot of problems can lead to this error- log in credentials changed, server unresponsive, corruption and more. When it happens, check to see if you are receiving this error both on your website and also on the wp-admin. Sometimes, it is the database that needs fixing. If it’s still experiencing difficulties, check to see if it’s the configuration file that is experiencing issues. Check to see if your database password is changed. If it is, then you should be changing it in your configuration PHP file too. You can also check with your hosting provider on the responsiveness of your MySQL server too.

2. Memory Exhausted Error

Ever seen this when you’re going about your daily tasks? This happens when you’ve gone past the default memory limit in WordPress. But don’t worry, simply increase the memory limit and the problem should be solved. However if you still find this happening, you will have to contact your service provider to have them access their php file and increase it for you.

3. 403 Forbidden Error

This is a problem that can sometimes happen when a security plug in you’ve installed believes a certain IP to be malicious, or you have an access file that is corrupted. It could also be a problem from your hosting provider’s end. To find out which is which, you can deactivate your wordpress plug ins and see if this appears again. If it doesn’t, then isolate the plug in that was causing the problem and remove it. If it’s caused by an access file, then use a file manager in your Cpanel and back up. Then delete it from your server and access, and generate a new file.

4. Failure to write file to disk error

Usually, this is the error you’ll see when you have inaccurate folder permissions, which can prevent you from writing files. Open up your file content folder and locate folder permissions, open up that dialog box and select recurse into subdirectories before clicking on apply to directories only. Make sure that file permissions for your files are correct and try to upload your files again.

5. Harmful programs error

If this happens, then there is a possibility that your website has been marked insecure by google because it was hacked. If you’ve regained control and still see this, perform a scan using safe browsing analysis tool from google and find the source of the malicious code. Clean it up and contact google to remove the warning.But make sure your website is completely clean before you do.

And there you have it, a guideline to identifying common errors and taking steps to solve them!

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