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5 Newest Facebook Marketing Features To Use Immediately

5 Newest Facebook Marketing Features To Use Immediately

With a non-stop passion for innovation, Facebook has recently introduced new Facebook marketing features that are targeted towards entrepreneurs and businesses. If you plan on starting up your own Facebook marketing campaigns, here are 5 of the newest Facebook marketing features you should try:

1. Messenger

Facebook has finally enabled all businesses access to Messenger Platform bots (virtual assistants). This unique feature allows businesses and brands to connect with their customers on a more personal level, leading to better customer relations. Businesses can use these bots to help with services like subscription automation, personalised communication, purchases and more!

2. Multi-Product Ads

Since the availability of it’s traditional ads, Facebook has taken measures to diversify it’s ads by providing business page owners the ability to customise their own ad formats with more features. The multi-product ads, also known as Carousel ads, are an ad format that allows business owners to place in more than one products at a time into one ad with rotation included. Each product placed in can have it’s own title, image, and landing page with the same social share buttons. This is the perfect way to gauge which product has the best response amongst customers.

3. Live

Live videos on Facebook are an immersive, instant and new way to gain views and engagement. With priority being currently placed in live videos, it is rather easy to top the video feeds and gain more organic outreach. Live videos are also a good way to interact with customers, gain immediate insight and more! If you are searching for a way to boost your brand awareness, make use of the live features today.

4. Quote Sharing

To enhance customer experience, Facebook has introduced a new quote sharing feature that simplified the process of sharing price quotes. Quote sharing aids Facebook users in sharing quotes, lines and even text directly from articles, apps and even books so business owners can build share quote buttons directly into their websites and apps. Sharing of content to Facebook is much more simplified and websites can still earn their viewer engagement at the same time.

5. Crossposted Videos

Crossposted videos are videos that can be crossposted easily within and across the account user’s multiple business pages. Business page owners can give other pages permission for video reuse and create entirely new posts without having to reupload a previously uploaded video. This simplifies the video sharing process and also makes it a lot easier to track performance.

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