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5 Ways Google’s Experimental Search Podium Best Benefits SEO

5 Ways Google’s Experimental Search Podium Best Benefits SEO

With innovation and creativity at the forefront of their goals, Google has begun implementing an experimental search podium. While relatively new, there are actually some potential benefits that this search podium can bring about benefits in SEO. Here are 5 reasons why this is so:

1. Customer relations

Google’s new experimental search podium allows verified google users to communicate with business organisations through a series of communication channels like text, image, videos and more directly through google itself! This allows customers and users to build direct relationships with one another, thereby encouraging repeat customers as well as enhancing the corporation’s relevancy, reliability, and reputation. This means that conversions will gradually increase as long as users are careful to use this feature well.

2. Content

Content will also be prioritised- once content is published, relevant posts will appear instantly in search engine results relating to publishers. This will enable faster interaction opportunities and a better quality score, if the articles are relevant to customers since they will not be able to access crucial information even faster with just a few searches. This encourages customers to continue staying on the website of the user and increases the chance of improvements in relevancy as well as conversions.

3. Social Sharing

The faster your content is indexed by google, the easier and faster they can also be shared through social sites. This perfectly complements the Google’s knowledge graph- a source of quick information for entities. The increase in content indexing can lead to better search engine rankings, but also an increase in the speed of social media sharing, thereby increasing organic reach.

4. Real time Updating

As mentioned by Google, their aim for the experimental search podium is to begin providing businesses real time updates whenever someone does a direct brand search. By allowing prominency to go to content, this can potentially save up a lot of paid search expenses. The influx of content can also encourage conversions, thereby distracting others from the possibility of negative results in your search results.

5. Reporting Metrics

At the current moment, Google has also begun tailoring and fine tuning their reporting metrics. While there aren’t much progress here at the moment, there is still much to gain from monitoring the Search Analytics reports. Get results and data faster than before and make your decisions at at a better informed level. The more updated your results, the more accurate you would be when planning the next step after all.

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