5 Outdated SEO Practices To Scrap

With the intense competition of online marketing, the practice of SEO has been gaining more importance with each passing day. More and more people are catching on and so, it’s important that the marketing team continues to try out new practices that work. Here are some SEO practices that are outdated and should be replaced:


1. Links

One of the earliest SEO practices were when anchor texts in hyperlinks are used liberally. The old practice used to generate a lot of positive effects but with the update of Google algorithms, one cannot profit from that anymore. Today, excessive use of anchor text is actually penalised since the algorithms blacklisted the method, labelling it as spam. Take a look at your contents, are you still guilty of doing that? Are there any you should be removing from your old archived posts? Get rid of them and watch your ranking slowly climb back to where it should be.

2. Backlinking everywhere

Another outdated SEO practice is when users buy backlinks from high traffic sites or directories and try their best to do so almost everywhere. What these users do not know is that relevancy is also an important aspect on the Google Algorithms. If you backlink on dubious or unrelated sources, you can actually get penalised seriously. You can still make use of this method but keep in mind that the relevancy of a website can change with time. If you can, spend time tracking your backlinks and remove the ones from bad websites immediately.

3. Clickbait

Clickbaiting is the worst SEO practice you can adopt, in fact you really should not continue to do this. Especially when it comes to content marketing, this will come back with adverse effects. Never try to link things to your website simply for the sake of linking. If you do, your readers will be angered for being deceived and leave your site, which decreases your engagement and increase the bounce out rate of your website. This can catch the eye of Google and upon assessment, they may penalise you hard.

4. Multiple domains

Long ago, there’s an SEO practice where individuals make use of separate keyword-rich domains with the intention to target the same audience/topic. This SEO practice might succeed in helping you achieve domain authority at a faster rate, however, this is ultimately ineffective since you split it in so many parts, the ranking will be split into different parts as well. If you really want an effective format, then put all your content marketing on just one domain since Google will be able to easily recognise and gauge the quality of your content this way.

5. Keywords

Targeting multiple keywords on one web page is detrimental. You don’t want to place all your content in one area, especially when they are unrelated to one another. For example, if you’re talking about nut bolts and then there are some content about organic nuts all lumped together? That would seem suspicious to readers and your bounce out rate would climb. Take a look at your target and try not to spam keywords. Select only the ones that are relevant and inject it occasionally, as specifically as you can instead.

These are the 5 outdated SEO practices that should be scrapped. Pay attention to Google algorithms so that you won’t accidentally get yourself penalised and try your best to adhere to it. As long as you can follow the guidelines they stated consistently, it will improve your SEO ranking and search engine results for your website will be on a steady rise.

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