5 Steps In Designing A Good WordPress Landing Page

A good wordpress landing page is essential to the success of your wordpress website, and it is crucial that you identify what you need in your landing page before allowing your website to go live. Here’s 5 steps in designing a wordpress website with a good landing page:


1. Branding

Remember, branding plays a large part on your website. You want to make sure that it could easily be recognised not just on your website but also other areas. For example- a personalised company logo would work. The higher number of uses your website viewers have, the likelier they are to remember your company when they see signs of your logo elsewhere.

2. Content

Landing pages should be easy to navigate and not cluttered with information. Organise what you want to put in your landing page and make sure there are no other factors of distraction. The better functioning and stylish, the higher conversions you get since functionality is an important factor.

3. Consistency

Keeping your design elements consistent is very important when it comes to designing a good landing page- when there are too many details, it will only serve as clutter and distraction. Contrary to popular belief, the more design elements you have, the higher amount of time users will need to spend in order to learn and navigate around your website, which is not what you want since that means people are getting confused, lost or irritated at your website’s design.

4. Size

The size of your text can be another important factor when it comes to designing a good landing page. Since size can be manipulated to draw attention, remember to align and make sure that your text looks proportionate. And since you want certain elements to be featured more, like a call to action button, you can combine shapes with text too so that the viewer’s attention will immediately be drawn to it.

5. Layout

Take a look at your layout too. One common misconception that a lot of business owners unfortunately have is that they feel the need to fill in all of the space that is provided on their landing page- but you do not have to do so at all. Make sure you use arrangement and positioning to your advantages. Sometimes leaving certain spaces is better than overfilling it with information users don’t necessarily need and cluttering up the layout. In certain cases, it could also help your text stand out more.

Using these 5 steps, you will be able to create a good wordpress landing page yourself. Make sure to test out a combination of elements to decide which one works the most for you and your business!

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