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5 Ways SMEs Can Use SEO To Compete And Succeed

5 Ways SMEs Can Use SEO To Compete And Succeed

When it comes to online advertising, everyone has an equal chance at succeeding- as long as they strategise and play their cards right. Small and Medium enterprises earn just as much opportunities to compete with their bigger competitors as long as they place in effort in their marketing and advertising practices. One of the best weapons an SME can use to gain leverage would be SEO. Here are 5 ways you can use SEO to stand out in this competitive industry:

1. Keyword targeting

SMEs stand a higher advantage over keywords as well since they are in the ideal position to be targeting keywords that bigger businesses are unable to compete on. For example- keywords that are indirect paths to ROI. SMEs stand a higher chance targeting certain long tail keywords, comparison keywords, and even editorial keywords. The types of keywords that bigger competitors hold a bias against can be just the edge you need to climb higher in addition to your own target keywords.

2. Content

SMEs are generally better able to provide more value with the content they produce. The more relevant your content, the higher and better chances you have at ranking higher compared to others. Target the right keywords and key on producing useful keyword rich content so that you will be noticed even more. Content is something that can be helpful when it comes to judging your quality score, thereby reducing the amount you have to spend for keyword bidding.

3. Flexibility

SMEs are generally given more creative space for exploring outside of set boundaries. Smaller corporations are able to run with ideas and execute ideas to test out things/strategies with lower risk. With less distractions, SMEs can choose to focus on different priorities at a time and manage that, but they can also choose to focus on SEO strategies, thereby getting more done compared to larger teams who need to go through multiple layers of management for approval just as long as everyone is in agreement.

4. Backlinking

Both on page and off page SEO strategies are essential to success in online advertising. SMEs have more range in exploring backlinking and other healthy link building strategies. It doesn’t matter that they are a small scaled business. As long as they backlink and advertise with reputed and well accessed sites, SMEs will still be able to get the views and interaction they require to make things work.

5. Closer Customer Relations

SMEs are at a bigger advantage when it comes to building up authenticity and niche appeal. Due to their scale, SME business owners are able to build closer and more direct relationships with key individuals, both personally as well as on social media. The interaction can set potential customers’ hearts at ease since they are able to understand that the SMEs are well reputed and trusted amongst other corporations in the industry, thereby making them more willing to seek the services of the SME. This will amplify organic reach for content and gain visibility based on keywords.

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