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Level Up Your Email Marketing With These 5 MailChimp Templates

Level Up Your Email Marketing With These 5 MailChimp Templates

Appeal and improve the opportunity for conversion by strengthening your email marketing strategies. If you are using MailChimp, there are actually templates that you can make use of to further draw your online subscriber’s attention in and encourage them to heed your call to actions. Here are 5 MailChimp templates to consider:

1. Supra

Get all your requirements met with Supra today! Supra contains an extensive amount of more than 20 unique email templates that users can choose and customise with. If you are looking for pre-built templates, this is one of the best options that are currently available. What’s more, Supra also has ready made templates that can be used for crowdfunding, order receipts and other important activities!

2. Omail

Omail is a good Mailchimp email template that comes with highly customisable options. With a staggering amount of 200 distinct modules and 20 multipurpose templates that are ranged from different categories to meet different needs, Omail’s range of accessible resources is hard to miss. If versatility and range is something you favour, Omail is the right email template for you.

3. Moka

If you are looking for something more traditional, professional and business focused, Moka is the right email template to pick. Moka contains sections for users to describe their services, highlight important points and even shine their focus on specific top selling products. Moka also comes in a wide range of different colours and variations so as to be able to match brand identities.

4. Fountain

For users who prefer elegance and simplicity, then Fountain is a good choice to consider. Fountain is a beautiful email template that does not subtract focus on the showcase of your brand/products/services even with it’s implementation. Rather, it is designed to complement your contents. Fountain contains 40 draggable modules and above but their aesthetic is constant.

5. Multimail

Multimail is one of the best email templates for MailChimp, with a standard of 10 multi purpose email templates and over, all designed to fulfill multiple uses. In addition, Multimail also contains 179 modules for creative experimentation.

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