Adding Categories and Subcategories To Your WordPress Website Content

Adding Categories and Subcategories To Your WordPress Website Content

Categories and subcategories are often used by website owners to keep their wordpress website content organised for easy access. By default, WordPress uses both categories and tags to assist others in sorting through their website materials. While there is no fixed system on how wordpress website owners are required to organise their files, categories are typically used to store broad topics, while subcategories are used to further organise them into specific topics.

When using default WordPress URL structures, it is easy to notice that the user’s categories and subcategories are nowhere to be seen in post URLs. However, including the category or subcategory post URLs are a highly recommended step since it helps make your wordpress website more user friendly and matches the navigation on websites easily. This is advisable since it offers you the opportunity to inject keywords, which would benefit your overall wordpress website SEO.

To begin adding both categories and subcategories into your WordPress website, visit the settings tab. Locate the page for permalinks using your WordPress Admin and choose the custom structure option made available under common settings. You will then have to add (/%category%/%postname%/) as the structure in the field next to the custom structure and save the changes. This should ensure that your wordpress website will begin generating and including the categories, as well as subcategories.
Test out the function by either editing existing posts or attempting to create a new one. You can file the post under the category of your choice and apply it by selecting update. The changes will be present in it’s permalinks. Do note that wordpress tends to choose category by alphabetical order, and so the URL will structure itself in such a manner.

WordPress also offers priority to the category (parent) first before the subcategory (child). So if you decide to choose the subcategory but neglect to select the patent, the wordpress website will automatically include the patent in. This is a general structure that your website would follow, if you have sub-subcategories however, they would all be included into the generated URL in a format similar to (website.com/main category/subcategory/sub-subcategory).

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