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Using MailChimp For Mobile in 5 Straightforward Steps

Using MailChimp For Mobile in 5 Straightforward Steps

To facilitate it’s users with both functionality and accessibility at all moments, MailChimp has taken a step forward by introducing mobile applications compatible for both iOS and Android. If you want the convenience of having access to essential functions even when you are on the road, you can consider downloading and using Mailchimp for mobile.

There are currently three basics when it comes to using MailChimp for mobile. The abridged version of the MailChimp web application (Mailchimp for iOS/Android), MailChimp snap and MailChimp Subscribe. Depending on your requirements, you can consider which ones you wish to download. If you need access to your campaign stats, Chimp chatter and subscriber management, you can use MailChimp for iOS or Android. If you want to create sign up forms for your list, sync subscribers and more, the MailChimp subscribe would be ideal to download as well. If you want focus on picture based email campaigns, then the MailChimp snap app is the most ideal. Today, we’ll focus on using MailChimp for iOS and Android:

1. Basic

MailChimp for mobile is a simplified mobile optimised version of the basic MailChimp web application so do understand that there may be certain functions that are not available when you are using MailChimp for mobile. Download the app for your mobile and connect it to your MailChimp account. Make sure you have at least manager level access .

2. Navigate

Once you have successfully connected your MailChimp account, you can navigate through your campaign/list statistics, view reports, manage and add subscribers, send draft campaigns, export or share campaigns and pause/resume automation emails. For android users, navigation menus can be access using the icon on the top left. For iOS, your navigation menu is fixed at the bottom of the screen.

3. Settings

MailChimp for mobile also allows it’s users to tweak their account settings through the app. Android users can tap on the three dots on the upper right to enable the account section. If there are issues with the application, here is where reporting and contacting can be done. iOS users can access the same functions by tapping the accounts option right on their dashboard.

4. Reports

The reports section of the MailChimp application typically displays the reports of campaigns that the users have recently sent, together with click rates for each campaign so users can simply tap specific campaigns to view the report on Android. They will be able to access performance graphs spanning for 24 hours, and also view A/B testing results. For iOS, the same accessibility is offered. For a report view of detailed stats, iOS users should look into the report overview screen. View campaign, export and other essential functions will be found on the top right. In addition, iOS users can alse see e-Commerce link statistics.

5. Automation

Automation for android users can be accessed through the automation section. Tap to view individual active or paused automations. iOS users enjoy the same accessibility along with the added functions of being able to export to share the reports.

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