What is the Best CMS Platform for SEO?

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Focus Keyword– best cms for seo
SEO Title– What is the Best CMS Platform for SEO?
Meta Description– Uncover some of the most important features that you should be on the lookout for when searching for the best cms for seo that will be used for your site.
Before you even think about SEO it is important to have web content and for most companies, the foundation of the content is the website. There are very many businesses that make the mistake of considering SEO after they are already done with the website something that can hinder ranking goals. SEO is something that needs to be considered when you first start out on the online journey and most importantly when the website is being constructed. To maximize the potential of your site’s SEO, you need to work with the best cms for seo as this helps you have the ability to create, manage and also distribute content on the web. Depending on the site that you are working with, it is important to note that there are different types of CMS you can work with as one size does not really fit all. Some of the factors that you should consider however to land on the best cms for seo include:

Indexing and spider accessibility 
The CMS that you opt to work with should offer your site crawable navigation so that search engines are able to access various section of your site adequately. It should also have canonical tag definition as this is one of the most flexible easy to deal with potential duplication issues. The CMS should also have WWW/non –www redirects as this offers solutions that allow 301 redirection of the non www URLs to www option. In line with this it should also have robots.txt that is editable as this gives the search engines instructions on how to crawl the site. In addition to this it should also have page level meta robots tags that give you the ability to manage indexing of various pages within the site. It should also be optimized for site speed and page size and control over the URL directs in addition to customizable navigation/internal links.

The best cms for seo should also be relevant and some of the features that you should look out for include:

Editable content– this should be possible on each and every page and each page needs to have high quality content that includes the keywords.

Customizable heading structure– this enables you to maintain a coherent and complete structure through the site accommodating any keyword that you would like to target.

Customizable meta data and titles 
The CMS build should offer users ability to amend meta description and titles.

Multilingual support/geographic targeting– the ability to target various geographical locations is a very important function of CMS.

Internal blog posts, sharing and comments– content creation and blogging are vital for websites that are looking to display organic and consistent growth. The CMS you opt to use should allow growth.

Authorship– the CMS you opt to use should also have publisher and author tags.

User generated content– the CMS should allow UGC as this is also very important when it comes to rankings.

You also need to look at the architecture when looking for the best cms for seo and some of the vital features to be on the lookout for include:

Search engine friendly URLs that are customizable– this is very important as it is a strong indicator of content found on web pages.

Breadcrumb navigation– this is important for easy navigation round your site for both Google and users.

Pagination handling– this helps to avoid duplication issues and it also helps spiders to understand sequence. This is especially important for e-commerce sites where it is used to limit the number of the products that are visible on one page.

Custom error pages that have correct server responses– this helps to create better user experience to make sure they do not have to deal with broken links.

Google webmaster tools and analytics set up– this helps you to get valuable visitor statistics that can help you know if your SEO efforts are a success.

Bonus features 
The best cms for seo should also come with additional bonus features that help users get better experience. This includes things such as social sharing &integration as this helps to increase the visibility of the site. Microformat data which helps the site to take advantage of structured data that is relatively simple as it adds functionality to the CMS and it can be utilized in a consistent and efficient manner.

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