Top 5 Free SEO Tools For Beginners

Top 5 Free SEO Tools For Beginners

Search Engine Optimisation is a complex yet necessary process that all online web owners need in their lives when it comes to advertising online successfully. If you are a beginner, not to worry, there are free tools that can help you make your SEO efforts less taxing. Here are some useful and free SEO tools for beginners:

1. The SEO Toolbar

You are required to download a SEO Book account, which is free, in order to obtain this free tool. But the plus side is that you will also get two other tools, all of which are free. The SEO toolbar is extremely useful for Firefox users as it retrieves data that is relevant to marketing from search engine results and display it for you, including link and directory information.

2. Keyword Tool

Much like the SEO toolbar, you will have to register for a free account. When you aren’t able to come up with effective keywords, the keyword tool can suggest keywords based on daily search volumes on Google and Bing as well as Yahoo. It can also show you the estimated price to bid for those keywords as well.

3. Spider Test Tool

The spider test tool is one of the most important and also interesting tool as it simulates how search engines index your website. It provides you with a unique perspective of how search engines work on indexing your content. And in this way, you will be able to tweak the contents of your website as well as other things to ensure 100% success with actual search engines.

4. Meta tag tool

The free meta tag tool helps give you a format and teaches you how to create SEO friendly meta descriptions as well as other necessary information that can help you with improving the click through rate to your content. It also ensures that you can fully maximise the use of your meta description while still keeping in lines with the search engine’s rules of SEO.

5. Robots.txt

The Robots.txt tool is an analysing tool that analyses your data and informs you of crawling errors for your website. It informs the search engine algorithms on the way of interacting and also indexing the contents of your website. You can also choose to block specific URLS to avoid being indexed.

Download or install these tools into your computer and familiarise yourself with them! You will find that they make everyday processes so much more easier.

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