Clean Up Your WordPress Website With SEO Cleaner

Clean Up Your WordPress Website With SEO Cleaner

Plug ins like SEO Cleaner are a blessing to the wordpress user community since they solve a lot of problems for you. SEO Cleaner in particular, helps unclutter your website by cleaning up unnecessary elements, removing unused meta tags, redundant server responses, disable potentially harmful features and more!

Depending on what you need and what you don’t, you can customise it accordingly. However, in general, most people do not need certain common elements. SEO Cleaner can help remove these elements with ease. Here’s what your website can do without:

  1. Head SectionTake a look at it- Are there any links, meta tags, scripts and styles that you honestly aren’t using and won’t need? You can remove the hardcoded styles for comments, emojis, WLW manifest link, WordPress generator version, RSD links and more! What else can you clean up and what do you really need?
  1. HTTP Response

Assess your HTTP headers, are they to your satisfaction? SEO Cleaner gives you the option of removing shortlinks, ping backs and powered by sections. Do you require all of them or can you clean up and tidy your HTTP headers?

  1. Comment section

While the spam filters and blacklists can help reduce spam and negative unwanted comments, are your comment sections clean and fuss free? Do you see clutter with auto linking or any other unnecessary factors? SEO Cleaner can help remove website fields, auto linking, URLs, emojis and more!


API links, scripts and HTTP headers can sometimes contain unnecessary elements that can be removed. If you don’t require them, you can actually disable WP API features entirely with SEO Cleaner. But if you wish to just remove either links, scripts and HTTP headers, you can also customise and clean up with SEO Cleaner.

5. Archives

Avoid content duplication by redirecting unused archives to your homepage so that they aren’t indexed on accident. This way you can be able to clean up your website well and not have to worry about unused pages or attachments being indexed.

Clean up your WordPress website with SEO Cleaner today and increase your site rankings when search engine spiders crawl through it again. Make sure your woWordPressebsite is completely SEO friendly and marvel at the difference today!

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