How to Use Gravatars for Your Blog

Many people want to know, how they can add some picture next to their name, while commenting on WordPress, because they find this very intriguing. They find many funny cartoon faces, some logos and sometimes real human face pictures next to comment sections. But they don’t know what it is and how to add those. This is where Gravatar comes into play. Of course, many people know what Avatar is. Avatar is just a user’s graphical representation while he/she comments on different websites on the internet, but if you are commenting on WordPress, then the picture next to your comment called Gravatar.

Gravatar is also known as ‘Globally Recognized Avatar’. It is free service which connects your picture with your email address. If you use that email address to comment somewhere or use some service, that picture automatically comes next to your profile or your comment. You also don’t have to upload your picture every single time, while filling some profile, so once you are registered on, you are done.

A simple Gravatar can help your blog in many ways.
Here are some good examples-

It attracts attention- Pictures are always more interesting than words. It doesn’t matter if it is someone’s face or some funny picture; it always attracts people and grabs their attention more than words.

Brand recognition- You can just use your company’s logo and whenever you comment somewhere, your brand logo will be seen by different people.

Want to sell your product- If you want to sell your product and want to make it famous, then you can just you use the picture of your product as your Gravatar. It will also increase the public awareness.

It’s really easy to get a Gravatar account. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a or account, you can easily sign up on website, just by entering your email address. Choose more often used email address to create this account, so you can get the maximum benefits of using Gravatar. After registering your email address on their website, you will receive a confirmation email from their side. You just have to click on the confirmation link to activate your Gravatar account. After that you will be taken to a page where you have to enter your username and some other essential information.


You can choose from existing images available on the website or you can choose any image from your hard drive or internet. You can change your image whenever you want or as many times as you want, once you are registered. You can also add some other email address to your Gravatar account if you want.



You can also crop your image according to your needs and after that it will show you the preview so you can see the end result before confirming your image. You also have to rate your image according to the given options like Rated G, Rated PG, Rated X or Rated R.


By using the ‘my account’ button, you will be able to edit your profile whenever you want easily. You can connect several email addresses and images to your Gravatar account. You don’t have to create a multiple Gravatar account to use your different email addresses. If you want to show different images on different websites based on your email address, you can easily perform this task through just one Gravatar account.


You can easily set up the Gravatar settings in your WordPress. You just have to go to the dashboard of your WordPress training, then click on the settings and then on discussion area. After that, just look for the designated Avatar area, and here you can edit the ‘Settings’, according to your needs.


You can also enable the function of Gravatar Hovercards by installing a plugin called Jetpack. Through this function, you can easily look up for the person’s public Gravatar profile, just by hovering the cursor at the profile picture of one of the commenter’s on your website or blog.


In conclusion, just by adding the WordPress training service, you can easily get many interesting and intriguing options on your blog, which in turn increase the look of your blog as well as traffic.


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