What are WordPress plugins and how to find plugins?

Plugins for WordPress websites

After completion of designing your website, it’s time to improve the functionality of your website. And that’s what WordPress Plugin does.

Plugin is what makes WordPress so powerful and so popular. It’s the power house of your website.

What are Plugins?

Plugins are tools that add functionality to your WordPress website. Plugins can help you make your website the way you can imagine. You may want to add a slider to show the products and display social media content, etc. – plugin does it all.

WordPress has a huge community of people who make and develop plugins. The community is quite active and updates their plugins to meet the current day needs. Some plugins are free whereas some plugins are paid.

How to Find Plugins?

There are multiple plugins available for each functionality. For very common functionality like social media, there are hundreds of plugins are available. For functionality like e-commerce, there are comparatively less plugins available.

What Does Wrong Plugins Means?

With so many options to choose from, many people get confused and choose the wrong plugin. Basically it means a plugin that does not work properly, difficult to manage or setup, conflicts with some plugin or some other issue.

Here are few points that will help you find an appropriate plugin:

  • You may use Google or other search engine to find the types of plugin you are looking for. You can refer to the screenshot below. After typing out what you are looking for, it will show a list of links for you to choose from, pick one that people have given reviews about the few best plugins available. You can see and select which plugins suits you the best. Reviews written by other WordPress users are the best source to know the best plugin for your needs.


  • Every free plugin has a page on wordpress.org. Check the plugin page and look for the plugin description, reviews and ratings and the screenshots of the plugin. At times the description written by the author suggests how good the plugins would have been developed.


  • Check if a demo of the plugin is available.

How to Install a Plugin Directly from WordPress Backend

You can easily install the free wordpress plugins right from your wordpress backend. All you need to know is just the name of the plugin.

To install the plugin :

  • First go to Plugins — > Add New.


  • Fill in the name of the plugin in the search box.


  • On the next page, click on “install now” at the bottom of the plugin name.
  • Click on “Activate Plugin” on the next page that appears.

In case you have the zip file of the plugin then you can upload it too. To upload the plugin from zip file:

  • First go to Plugins — > Add New.
  • Click on “upload” from the options that appear on the top.


  • Click “Choose File” and find the file from your computer.


  • Then click on “Install Now”
  • Click on “Activate Plugin” from the next page that appears.



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