How to Maintain your Website Rankings

After investing a lot of time, money and other resources your efforts to achieve top website rankings have finally paid off. Keep in mind that the battle does not end here as SEO is an ongoing process that demands patience, skill and time. You do not want to see your site drop position thus you have to explore some techniques […]

How to get Legitimate Free Backlinks?

One of the best ways that Google uses to assign credibility and value to a website is by the incoming links that you get from other sites as this is used to rank the site on SERPS. The strength of the links is normally taken into consideration and this is like a vote to your site. What many people do […]

How To Do SEO For A Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential and fundamental as it helps to position your site in the right way. This way people can easily find it when they need it and it can also be located at important points during the buying process. The main aim of SEO is to create a seamless and great user experience and to communicate […]

How to Calculate your ROI in SEO?

One of the main concerns that site owners and search markers have is how to calculate ROI. This comes in handy when a person is looking for answers for various situations such as:   Justifying spending on a new SEO project.Increasing funds that are being used for an SEO project that they are working on. Transferring funds from various marketing […]

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