5 Reasons Why You Should Use The WordPress Facebook Dashboard Widget

When it comes to online marketing, social media marketing can be very important too and it’s best to tie both wordpress and social media together for online visibility. More and more social media widgets have been introduced to WordPress and while not many people are using them, here’s why you should: 1. Online presence Build up your online presence by […]

Facebook live stream

Facebook live stream is a brand new way for you to interact easily with your audience in the moment. You could do a Question & Answer, release announcements, and many more — all in real time. After you share a Facebook live video, it will appear in News Feed for your audience to comment, like and share with their peers. Facebook […]

Facebook 360 Photo

Photos have the ability to bring people together — helping us capture uplifting moments and endure difficult times, and everything in between. Influentials can share their view with people on Facebook using photos. It is a powerful tool that appeals to our sense of sight. These benefits led to the advancement of 360 degree photos and videos.  A while ago, […]

5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a god sent for SMEs when it comes to online advertising, because it levels the playing field just right, leaving room for opportunists to master and grab the advantages it has to offer. Here are 5 reasons why small businesses need google adwords: Visibility Google Adwords allows you to customise and control your ad campaigns. It allows […]

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