Creating a Blog Post in WordPress

Creating a Blog Post in WordPress

Having troubles in creating a blog post in WordPress? Worry no more.
Creating and formatting a blog post has been made easy for anybody who needs a blog either for business or personal purposes. Login to the WordPress dashboard and select add new. What follows is filling in the primary areas from the title, content, tags to the relevant categories followed by hitting the publish button. There it goes, the blog is created by following a simple procedure.

Creating a blog post, one requires bringing in a unique and creative post. He has to ensure that the post has all it takes to attract his target group to achieve his objective. For every blog post to be successful in Word Press, it must meet some basic requirements such as;

  • Catchy, creative and innovative title
  • Unique, interesting and informative flow of content
  • Tags
  • Authors bio.

Catchy titles are paramount. Catchy and creative titles attract a reader, making them interested in uncovering what the blog holds. A catchy title utilises words that leave the reader hanging. Such titles promise informative and entertaining information held by the blog. Use of simple but complex words is among the top notch words in ensuring that the target audience’s interest is attracted. An innovative title makes use of few words giving the audience the slight idea of the intentions of the blog. A catchy title may trigger the audience interest in reading more of the previous blog post.



A unique, interesting and informative flow of content makes the target group always checking in for the new posts to read. Unique content make use of different words even when describing one thing ensuring that the audience do not get bored of reading the content. Interesting content delivers what the audience wanted to know and uses simple, polite and understanding language. Unique body informs the reader what he did not know. He did not know because it was not posted or published in any other platform. An informative flow makes the reader understands the content quickly.

One can put tags in his post where necessary. Categories ensure that the post is given the relevant field so as to make the audience aware of what is discussed. If the WordPress do not have the right category needed then one can create his to make it work. Before publishing the article one need to go through what he has written so as to correct any mistake made or adds information that is required for the article. Proofreading ensures that the article is excellent for publication and has all what the audience need to know. After proofreading and doing necessary corrections to the article and becoming satisfied than it’s good to go, the blogger can publish the article. The material is open to the audience to read and through their response one can know whether it was good or not.

Author’s bio is relevant in the blog post. It allows the reader to know the information source. Author’s bio is a form of authenticating the information held in the blog. A reader will hardly rely on the information that cannot be traced to its source. The bio is also relevant as the readers can contact the author for more information. Author’s bio is also important in the business sector as the potential customers will communicate with the author for further clarifications.

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