How to get Legitimate Free Backlinks?

One of the best ways that Google uses to assign credibility and value to a website is by the incoming links that you get from other sites as this is used to rank the site on SERPS. The strength of the links is normally taken into consideration and this is like a vote to your site. What many people do […]

How To Do SEO For A Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential and fundamental as it helps to position your site in the right way. This way people can easily find it when they need it and it can also be located at important points during the buying process. The main aim of SEO is to create a seamless and great user experience and to communicate […]

How to Calculate your ROI in SEO?

One of the main concerns that site owners and search markers have is how to calculate ROI. This comes in handy when a person is looking for answers for various situations such as:   Justifying spending on a new SEO project.Increasing funds that are being used for an SEO project that they are working on. Transferring funds from various marketing […]

Analyze your Niche and Competitors

    If you would be successful with SEO something very important for your business or blog, it is important to make sure you not only analyze your niche but also your competition. This is where you get to know what you are clearly doing, your target market/audience and all the traits of your business. Analyzing competition, on the other […]

How to Install and Configure W3 Total Cache Plugin

What is W3 Total Cache? W3 Total Cache Plugin is fastest WordPress performance optimization plugin. It is an alternative for WP Super Cache WordPress plugin. You can easily optimize the user experience and total cache of your site with caching and proper wordpress training. The W3 Total Cache improves user experience of your site by enhancing the server performance, reducing […]

How to Recover Your WordPress Password

Passwords are really essential to user accounts. Even though, there might be an instance where, during your WordPress training, you need to modify your password, or perhaps, you forgot your WordPress password, accidentally. No need to worry, in this article about WordPress training and tutorial, you’ll find out how to retrieve that forgotten password of yours. Change Your Password In […]

How do I change my login password through my wordpress admin

The dynamic nature of WordPress makes it essential for you to create, use and maintain a strong password. You can safely run your wordpress website with the help of your password. You can change your password through WordPress admin anytime either at the log in time, log out time or else any time. This WordPress training allows you to know […]

Ways to Install & Use the All-In-One SEO Plugin

Imagine that you have a blog being updated on a regular basis. Perhaps, you might want to secure more publicity for it as part of SEO promotional tactics. Focusing upon the exceptional features in this regard is very much important for you due to which organizing your blog preferences are easily possible to you as per the given situation. Checking […]

How to Add Feedburner to Your WordPress Blog

Improving your WordPress blog in terms of interaction is best possible with the inclusion of numerous features that you eagerly anticipate. Adding the unique functionality of Feedburner will let you explore ultimate features as Free Email Subscription because of which you receive emails directly into your email inbox. The other benefits such as Email Delivery Time too could be easily […]

How to Place an Adsense Ad In Your Blog Post

Many website owners want to monetize their websites by using Adsense program. This is a very famous program that is available on the Internet. It is created by Google to support all website owners who want to earn money from the Internet easily. This program can give significant income for all website owners who have a lot of traffic coming […]

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