What Are The Functions Of Editor In WordPress?

The WordPress Editor The WordPress content editor is almost like MS Office editor or any other standard editor. But still there are few things that you need to know to make it easy to use. Editor Modes : The WordPress Editor has two modes – Visual and Text Mode. As the name suggests, visual mode will display formatted content with […]

How to Create WordPress Categories, Posts and Pages?

It’s now time to do some real website making. You’ve done the installation and choose proper settings for your website. So now let’s get into some real action. What First? In most of the guide/tutorial that you will come across will suggest setting up a theme first. But I recommend putting up some content and then do the designing work. […]

Accessing the WordPress Backend

After successful WordPress installation it’s time to know your WordPress Backend and move a step ahead. WordPress backend is the power house of your website. It is the admin panel where you are going to manage everything for your website – design, content, media, settings, etc. Only admin and the users assigned by the admin have the access to the […]

How to Choose a WordPress Theme?

This article is all about Theming and Designing your wordpress website. This is the area where a WordPress Website owner should work hard and put dedicated efforts on. The success of your website is highly dependent on your website design and interface. Many people work hard on content creating and do not realize that people will want to read your […]

How to Manage WordPress Settings?

Manage WordPress Settings Before we can start designing our website and adding content, it’s important that we choose proper settings for the website. Settings Panel The settings panel can be found on the navigation bar on the left (see the screenshot to locate). It has sub options – General, Writing, Reading and few more. Let’s have a look at the […]

How to install WordPress for my website?

After having a brief overview of what wordpress is and its capabilities, it’s time to install wordpress on your web server and play around with tools to learn more. The below guide assumes that you have webhosting account and a domain name attached to it. If you do not have then, you need to buy them first. WordPress can also […]

What is WordPress?

Technically speaking, wordpress is a free Content Management System (CMS). It is a system that helps you create, edit and publish content on the web. The content can be text, images, videos, forms or anything else. If you’ve freaked out with this definition of WordPress – don’t worry. Even I did!!! You can consider wordpress as a tool used to […]

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