Top WordPress Plugins to Propel your WordPress Website’s SEO

Top WordPress Plugins to Propel your WordPress Website’s SEO

Companies and individuals looking to increase the online business are using the Top WordPress Plugins as they are more interactive and help to optimize the website. In fact, they play an important role in Search Engine Optimization to enhance the brand value of the company. Numerous options such as chat plug-ins or security tools are available for the clients so that they can meet their business objectives. In order to make the website visible, you can always go through the following list of the wordpress applications mentioned below:

1. OptinMonster

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It is one of the most important optimization plug-ins available on the internet. The software is essential to convert the visitors into lifelong email subscribers. Companies that have installed the OptinMonster at the website have seen their business revenues rise through the roof. Due to the presence of drag and drop builder, one can easily create amazing optin forms that rank very high in the search engine listings.

2. WPforms

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WPforms plug-in is the user-friendly contact form that is used to generate a database of the clients. You can easily create email subscription forms, order and payment forms through the free version. If customers are looking for more capabilities, they can always purchase the pro version.

3. Monster insights

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It is considered as a potent Google analytics plug-in that evaluates the performance of the website site on the search engine. The application not only records the number of visits but also the source of the visitors. Monster insight optimizes the website to improve it’s earning within a very short time frame. If you are using the Plug-in on the website, it is not necessary to install the Google analytic application separately.

4. Humming Bird

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The above-mentioned application is crucial in increasing the loading period of the website. If your page is not rendered in the browser within 2 seconds, the crawler would not index the website. Moreover, people visiting the page do not have the patience to wait for the required information. Once humming bird is included, it can significantly boost the web traffic of the client.
The Plug-in uses the concept of caching to fetch the page as soon as possible. It also provides a score to the site in terms of speed and identifies the pending issues. Once diagnosed, they can be easily rectified to enhance the business prospects.

5. Defender

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WordPress is quite popular to create the website all the world over; theretofore hackers are targeting them in huge numbers to disrupt the business. The defender is a wonderful application that helps to block the intrusion from virus and malware attacks. In addition, the Plugin scans the website and identifies the security vulnerabilities that can be fixed with a single click. You can schedule the scanning process by activating the auto security features. With defender, clients can rest easy and load information without any problem.

6. Jetpack

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As the name suggests, the wordpress Plug-in improves the performance of the website. It also improves the information access time and reduces the load on the server. Some of the other attributes include spam protection, Social sharing button, and Email post and related post tool. The jet pack also creates a mobile version of the desktop site for the smart phone and tablet users. The design is extremely responsive, lightweight and is equipped with multi browser compatibility attribute.

7. Akismet

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Akismet is crucial in filtering out the comments from the website appearing as spam. It invokes the web service to find the nature of the content before discarding it into the trash. All comments that are flagged or marked can be easily retrieved using the plug-in. In addition, the user information is also stored to monitor the visitors on the website. In fact using the application, the moderator can find out the number of approved comments of the users.

8. Snapshot

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The software has incorporated the SEO 2017 Updates by introducing the backup feature. It is necessary to fire up the website in case the server breaks down erasing all the information. The snap shot keeps the back up of the regular back up so that the clients do not face any issue in the case of an eventuality. Some of the locations where the data can be stored are the Drop box, S3, Google Drive or the local computer. Using the snap shot clients can easily manage the backup from the remote devices such as mobile gadgets. To accomplish the task, a simple internet connection is required on the computer.

9. Ultimate branding

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A website advertising products and services need to look professional. It is only possible when ultimate branding tool is installed on the website. Created in wordpress environment, the Plugin helps to customize the conventional logo on the page by adding the company name. You can also customize the admin bar, login, and the footer according to the requirements and specifications. In fact, even people with no knowledge of coding can complete the job by few clicks of the button.

It is a breeze to pull up the login form and incorporate the company logo on the top. In addition, one should also include customized design elements, Colors, and suitable fonts. Make them funky or classic depending on the demography of the target audiences.

A customized dashboard is a primary requirement for the clients and ultimate branding helps them to achieve the above-mentioned objective. They can easily make changes and also delegate access rights to the users in a corporate environment. Seamless flow of data ensures the optimized functioning of the business operations.
With the Ultimate brand, the business users would never face compatibility issue or delay in loading speed. It provides on demand capabilities to the users while hiding rest of the attributes. As a result, the web page is lightweight and provides the impeccable user experience.

One of the most important advantages of the Plug-in is that it provides complete control to the clients regarding the marketing message they want to deliver to the target audiences. Therefore, you can easily design effective promotional campaigns for products and services.

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