5 Things To Take Note Of For WordPress Website Text

When it comes to a website, the text is considered the ‘meat’ of your whole package deal. It plays an important factor and you have to make sure you have it legible, yet compliment your overall website design. Here are some things you should take note of when it comes to the text of your wordpress website:


  1. Spacing

Legibility is one of the most essential factors when it comes to text. So take into consideration the different screen sizes between desktop computers, laptops, different built mobile phones and tablets. In order to cater to these screen sizes, it’s best to make your wordpress website mobile responsive( http://wordpresstraining.com.sg/5-must-have-elements-of-a-good-website-design-layout/). Experiment with different types of text spacing between lines to see what is most comfortable to read without straining the eyes.

  1. Colour

You want your text colour to contrast with the background colour since it makes it easier to read. Experiment with different colours to see which ones are the most suitable. However, keep in mind that your website is for formal corporate matters so you want colours that seem respectable and exude dependability.

  1. Style

Try to break up the monotony by combining different text styles that compliment each other. It may take a longer time but you will be able to achieve that perfect combination. Walls of text can be difficult to concentrate so with different text styles, it would be a subtle change that gives the eyes a break.

  1. Alignment

Make sure that all your text is aligned properly so as to maintain your professionalism. Your website gives your users impressions about your service after all, and they may assume that sloppiness on your own website could translate into the service you provide them too. So in order to properly give others a good first impression, take care to align your text.

  1. Format

If you have your text stored away in some other document and transferred them onto your website, you want to make sure that the formatting on there is not affecting the layout of the words on your wordpress website. Switch to the HTML tab to take a look. If there are additional codes, make sure to delete and sift through them before you publish.
These basic guidelines will ensure that you have your text and wordpress website (http://wordpresstraining.com.sg/5-effective-wordpress-tutorials-for-beginners/) on tip top condition. Happy editing and smooth progress in your work! It may take time but with consistent effort, pretty soon, that would be second nature for you.

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