5 Facebook Marketing Features You May Not Have Known About

To better facilitate users in their advertising endeavors, Facebook continues to revise their features and create more accessible functions for business owners. If you are looking for subtle ways to improve your Facebook advertising strategy, you can consider exploring these 5 Facebook marketing features:

1. Facebook Live

Facebook has enabled livestreaming features for not just individuals but corporations as well. If you are looking for customer engagement and to boost awareness of your products/services, you can actually make use of Facebook Live to conduct sessions like Live Q & As, product demonstrations and even gauge your customer’s level of interest by offering product discount codes to users who access your live stream. While it is still relatively new, businesses should consider adding this feature into their overall facebook advertising strategy.

2. Pages To Watch

Out of all facebook marketing features that are currently available, the pages to watch feature still warrants some special attention. This nifty little feature is an excellent method of keeping up with your competitors, analysing their page and methods before making improvements to your own Facebook advertising strategy. You can follow up to a staggering amount of 100 brand pages by making use of the Insights section to locate the pages to watch tab. You will then be able to add them to your list and Facebook will offer detailed views of their posts, optimising them for quick viewing.

3. Audience Insights

Another one of the most interesting yet hidden facebook marketing features included in the popular social media platform would be audience insights. This feature actually provides business owners with detailed information regarding their target audience, which would ultimately aid greatly in providing relevant/useful content. The more useful and relevant the business owner’s content, the greater engagement they will earn. So if you are looking to improve your facebook advertising strategy, make sure not to miss audience insights!

4. Custom App Icon Creation

If your corporation makes use of other apps like instagram, youtube, twitter, mailchimp and other relevant ones, you will be interested to know that facebook actually allows for custom app icon creation. Out of all facebook marketing features, this is rarely touched on and yet can serve to improve user experience greatly. Add the apps you are using, along with their icons and make use of the Manage tabs option to add or remove tabs. You will be able to link all relevant sites to your business page and easily have customers associate them to the relevant platforms just by looking at the icons alone.

5. Pin Posts

Simple yet extremely useful, this facebook marketing feature helps businesses draw focus to important posts such as announcements, events, giveaways, promotions and more! All you have to do is locate the post, select the down arrow and choose pin to top! Another recommended facebook advertising strategy is to rotate pinned posts often, especially those that are particularly time sensitive. Do try to mix them up so as to showcase variety in your posts.


Facebook Marketing Ad Policy Improvements To Pay Attention To

To ensure the performance and quality of facebook marketing for small business owners, Facebook has recently enforced certain ad policy improvements. If you are a business owner who intends to make use of facebook marketing, there are some policies you have to keep in mind. Take the time to refine your facebook advertising strategy and ensure that your advertisement fulfills all requirements:

Discriminatory Advertising

Facebook is taking notice and enforcing strict regulations against disciminatory advertising. Revise your Facebook advertising strategy for any content and advertisements that may deprive others wrongfully of opportunities (housing, employment, credit etc) or paint others in a negative light regarding personal attributes.

Facebook does not allow advertisements that marginalise people based on ethnicity, race, origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, family, gender identity, disability and more! As of this moment, there are strong enforcement tools set into place to identify ads that may fall under sensitive category. Advertisers will be notified quickly of any possible policy violations. Failure to comply may result in ads being disapproved.


If facebook advertisers intend to display ads that provide opportunities like housing, employment, loans and other opportunities, Facebook will register and require the corporation to provide credentials. Advertisers will have to update their advertisement according to the policy laws and certify that they are complying with the requirement.


To effectively save facebook advertisers for having to repeatedly revise their facebook advertising strategy as well as content, Facebook encourages users to educate themselves through being mindful. Facebook advertisers can opt for advertiser education where additional information is provided as a general guideline under the advertising policies section. Advertisers can rely on the information on their anti-discrimination policy as well as the educational resources that are provided by credible sources like civil rights groups and government agencies.

Take the time to apply these changes and scrutinise your facebook advertising strategy for any possible content that could be potentially discriminatory today!


5 Newest Facebook Marketing Features To Use Immediately

With a non-stop passion for innovation, Facebook has recently introduced new Facebook marketing features that are targeted towards entrepreneurs and businesses. If you plan on starting up your own Facebook marketing campaigns, here are 5 of the newest Facebook marketing features you should try:

1. Messenger

Facebook has finally enabled all businesses access to Messenger Platform bots (virtual assistants). This unique feature allows businesses and brands to connect with their customers on a more personal level, leading to better customer relations. Businesses can use these bots to help with services like subscription automation, personalised communication, purchases and more!

2. Multi-Product Ads

Since the availability of it’s traditional ads, Facebook has taken measures to diversify it’s ads by providing business page owners the ability to customise their own ad formats with more features. The multi-product ads, also known as Carousel ads, are an ad format that allows business owners to place in more than one products at a time into one ad with rotation included. Each product placed in can have it’s own title, image, and landing page with the same social share buttons. This is the perfect way to gauge which product has the best response amongst customers.

3. Live

Live videos on Facebook are an immersive, instant and new way to gain views and engagement. With priority being currently placed in live videos, it is rather easy to top the video feeds and gain more organic outreach. Live videos are also a good way to interact with customers, gain immediate insight and more! If you are searching for a way to boost your brand awareness, make use of the live features today.

4. Quote Sharing

To enhance customer experience, Facebook has introduced a new quote sharing feature that simplified the process of sharing price quotes. Quote sharing aids Facebook users in sharing quotes, lines and even text directly from articles, apps and even books so business owners can build share quote buttons directly into their websites and apps. Sharing of content to Facebook is much more simplified and websites can still earn their viewer engagement at the same time.

5. Crossposted Videos

Crossposted videos are videos that can be crossposted easily within and across the account user’s multiple business pages. Business page owners can give other pages permission for video reuse and create entirely new posts without having to reupload a previously uploaded video. This simplifies the video sharing process and also makes it a lot easier to track performance.


Newest Facebook Marketing Strategy- Ads in Facebook Messenger Officially Here!

As the world of online advertising changes, so does social media advertising. Facebook has recently undergone revisions in their marketing strategy and decided to make changes by introducing the concept of ads in Facebook Messenger too. What does this mean to entrepreneurs and businesses? Here’s what it means:

After the testing processes implemented since April 2016, Facebook has finally decided to revise and improve the features available to Facebook Marketing. The social media platform has approved the practise of Facebook marketers turning messenger bots into ad bots. Facebook Messenger is now capable of rolling out sponsored messages as a method of building customer relations between brands and customers. All business brands who have been using Messenger’s developer tools will now be able to manage their messenger conversations on one condition: Their ads can be shown only to consumers who already have opened existing conversations with the business brand in particular.

There are, of course, other limitations to consider. The sponsored ad messages in Facebook Messenger can only contain one link and one photo. Sponsored message campaigns also are not capable of automatically running on Facebook or Instagram simultaneously- much unlike the standard ads. This is due to taking customer experience into account.

In exchange, Facebook grants business users the ability to link the ads they run on Facebook to their messenger account to encourage consumers and interested customers to start conversations. Charges for their sponsored messages will only be charged if the ad appears on the Messenger user’s screen (within their messenger inbox). But do note that you will have to pay for ad impressions even if the customer does not open the sponsored message.

You will however be able to know exactly where your consumers are coming from when they clink on the various links that navigate to starting conversations with your business on Messenger. Facebook will also add vertical versions of “content carousels” that businesses can make use of to display different products. You can make use of this to display your items more prominently and even incorporate messenger into your website so that you can use Messenger as a method to contact the customer regarding shipping and product updates. You will also be able to further refine this advertising method by allowing people to choose whether or not to opt in to receiving messages.


Improving Facebook Organic Reach With 5 Facebook Marketing Tricks

Facebook marketing can be challenging if you are constantly at a loss of what to do to improve your outreach. The less people notice your posts, the less the interactivity, meaning to say your Facebook advertising costs may not be worth as much as they cost. Here are 5 Facebook marketing tricks to improve your Facebook organic reach:

1. Engaging Content

Engaging content is one of the best methods in enticing organic reach. The more useful, entertaining, and interesting your content is, the likelier it will be to gain attention through the form of likes and shares. Consider the factors that would make someone want to share your content with others in their social network, what kind of content would be associated with your target audience? Think a step beyond gaining likes, think about how to make your content share-worthy. Shares are considered one of the most valuable type of engagement there are inside Facebook marketing. So take the time in researching and experimenting with content that could gain you sharing, commenting and liking.

2. Feedback

Encourage interaction with your followers and other potential customers by asking related questions, requesting feedback, making use of polls/votes, and other forms of communication. This is also a useful way of gaining insight and understanding what your followers want/need from your corporation. With more comments and insights, you can collect valuable market research and use it to cater better to your customer’s needs through different actions, be it from content, promotions or more.

3. Trends

Keep an eye out for trending topics- these are the subject matters that are currently earning the most attention from members of the public. When topics related to your industry make headlines, make sure to take advantage of that by producing quality content relating to it. Just timing alone can actually affect the amount of public notice and interest you can be getting so make sure to react accordingly, and of course, use hashtags properly so that you appear in the search results on Facebook.

4. Visuals

Stand out with compelling visuals to accompany engaging content. With the attention span of an average user today, more engagement efforts are needed in order to maintain interest. So consider creating multimedia. Content like videos, infographics and other visual elements can do well for sharing and drawing in potential customers.

5. Contests

Perhaps one of the quickest and most effective ways of increasing organic outreach when it comes to Facebook Marketing, would be to share contests, promotions, discounts and other related activities to generate interest and interactivity. Though be careful since Facebook prohibits requirements where users have to like a page in order to enter contests or giveaways. You can, however, make use of contests to gain other forms of conversions like sharing.