5 Content Optimised WordPress Theme Design For Website Owners

If your wordpress website deals largely with content, you will require the use of a WordPress theme design that is content optimised so as not to compromise on the quality of user experience. Here are 5 recommendations for content optimised wordpress theme designs catered to website owners: 1. Marketica Marketed as an advanced ecommerce wordpress theme, Marketica is a wordpress […]

Top WordPress Plugins to Propel your WordPress Website’s SEO

Companies and individuals looking to increase the online business are using the Top WordPress Plugins as they are more interactive and help to optimize the website. In fact, they play an important role in Search Engine Optimization to enhance the brand value of the company. Numerous options such as chat plug-ins or security tools are available for the clients so […]

Adding Categories and Subcategories To Your WordPress Website Content

Categories and subcategories are often used by website owners to keep their wordpress website content organised for easy access. By default, WordPress uses both categories and tags to assist others in sorting through their website materials. While there is no fixed system on how wordpress website owners are required to organise their files, categories are typically used to store broad […]

5 Top Performing WordPress Marketplace Themes To Use

One of the reasons WordPress continues to remain as a popular choice for website owners around the world would be the fact that it is so easily customisable, with plenty of resources one can make use of. Even to this day, the WordPress community continues to grow, design and develop more innovative themes, plugins and features to meet the diverse […]

5 WordPress Video Themes For Professionals

In the event that your website requires the use of videos and other visual engagement heavy design elements, it would be in your best interests to search for themes that fit. This is because visually heavy design elements like videos often take up quite a bit of time to load and function properly. You want to make sure that your […]

Finetune Your WordPress Website Performance In 5 Steps

Time for a little self-reflection: Take a look at your own wordpress website, if it performing at optimal conditions? Are there any areas that require changing? What could be better and how do you begin making these changes? Start fine-tuning your wordpress website performance today with these 5 steps: 1. Meta data The structure of WordPress as a CMS itself […]

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