Displaying Additional Posts In Your WordPress Website Layout: How and Why

By encouraging users to spend more time on their website, business owners stand to gain a higher probability of sales conversions as well as the relevancy of their content increasing. To do so, certain editing can be done to their wordpress website layout. For example, choosing to display and include additional posts. Here’s how to do so:

Traditionally, a well developed wordpress website layout comes with built in taxonomies for content sorting- categories and tags. Categories are usually used for users who want to group their content in broad topics and further split them up into subcategories for easy access. If you aren’t using the default wordpress URL structure, you may find that your categories and subcategories are not included in post URLs, but you can easily work through these by coming up with your own.

First, settle on a structure you wish to use. A general URL structure recommendation would be a website/category/subcategory wordpress website layout for friendlier indexing and reading. This is particularly useful for SEO since it improves navigation while allowing you more room to input keywords and text. Once you are clear on the structure you want to use, you can set it up under the Settings option of your WordPress admin control section.

Choose the Permalinks feature and select the custom structure option (under common settings). Next to the custom structure, add / %category% / %post name% / in without the spaces. Save the changes to sore the custom settings and allow WordPress to begin including category and subcategory.

Now whenever your website visitors access your website and read your posts, they will be able to see the category and subcategories your posts are classified by. If they are interested in the content you have placed up and are interested in reading more, they can easily access related posts by clicking on or navigating to them based on your subcategories, thereby increasing the amount of time they stay on your website.

Another nifty measure you can consider adding to your wordpress website layout would be random post display. Most developers have created plugins that can easily achieve this result. One recommended plug in would be the Advanced Random posts widget plugin. This plug in can be installed and activated as a widget. This widget can subsequently be added into your wordpress admin panel sidebar and you can tweak the settings as you wish- select different posts, show excerpts/thumbnails and even display relevant posts from specific categories.


5 Content Optimised WordPress Theme Design For Website Owners

If your wordpress website deals largely with content, you will require the use of a WordPress theme design that is content optimised so as not to compromise on the quality of user experience. Here are 5 recommendations for content optimised wordpress theme designs catered to website owners:

1. Marketica

Marketed as an advanced ecommerce wordpress theme, Marketica is a wordpress theme design that facilitates convenience since it allows up to 4 different vendor plugin integration. This easily converts your store to a vendor marketplace with detailed profile pages, trackers for sales, product display and more. To facilitate the process, there are explicit guidelines as well as an easy to use visual composer builder.

2. TheFox

TheFox is a wordpress theme design that is optimised for both content and design, which is ideal for businesses who focus on creativity. Functioning as a multi-purpose content optimised wordpress theme design, TheFox comes with flexible visual composers that allow users to customise their themes with ease. In addition, support for the theme is professional and readily accessible.

3. Karma

Another content optimised wordpress theme design of choice would be Karma. Comprehensive, sleek and user-friendly, Karma is a wordpress theme that just about anyone can use- even beginners! This wordpress theme design comes with automatic updates, intuitive design choices, minimalistic styles, SEO optimisation and support!

4. 3Clicks

For users who prefer a more professional corporate design, the 3Clicks wordpress theme design would be a good option to consider. Especially since the theme comes with responsiveness and WooCommerce support. 3Clicks enables wordpress owners to make a lot of different customisations. In addition, 3Clicks also includes support, a streamlined admin panel and SEO optimisation.

5. Blue Diamond

Fancy an intuitive and responsive wordpress theme design that facilitates website owners with all the necessary tools needed to establish an individualistic business presence? Blue Diamond is an ideal choice! This wordpress theme design comes built in with different layouts, live colour changes, SEO optimisation, localisation features and more!

seo wordpress plugins

Top WordPress Plugins to Propel your WordPress Website’s SEO

Companies and individuals looking to increase the online business are using the Top WordPress Plugins as they are more interactive and help to optimize the website. In fact, they play an important role in Search Engine Optimization to enhance the brand value of the company. Numerous options such as chat plug-ins or security tools are available for the clients so that they can meet their business objectives. In order to make the website visible, you can always go through the following list of the wordpress applications mentioned below:

1. OptinMonster

It is one of the most important optimization plug-ins available on the internet. The software is essential to convert the visitors into lifelong email subscribers. Companies that have installed the OptinMonster at the website have seen their business revenues rise through the roof. Due to the presence of drag and drop builder, one can easily create amazing optin forms that rank very high in the search engine listings.

2. WPforms


WPforms plug-in is the user-friendly contact form that is used to generate a database of the clients. You can easily create email subscription forms, order and payment forms through the free version. If customers are looking for more capabilities, they can always purchase the pro version.

3. Monster insights

It is considered as a potent Google analytics plug-in that evaluates the performance of the website site on the search engine. The application not only records the number of visits but also the source of the visitors. Monster insight optimizes the website to improve it’s earning within a very short time frame. If you are using the Plug-in on the website, it is not necessary to install the Google analytic application separately.

4. Humming Bird

The above-mentioned application is crucial in increasing the loading period of the website. If your page is not rendered in the browser within 2 seconds, the crawler would not index the website. Moreover, people visiting the page do not have the patience to wait for the required information. Once humming bird is included, it can significantly boost the web traffic of the client.
The Plug-in uses the concept of caching to fetch the page as soon as possible. It also provides a score to the site in terms of speed and identifies the pending issues. Once diagnosed, they can be easily rectified to enhance the business prospects.

5. Defender

WordPress is quite popular to create the website all the world over; theretofore hackers are targeting them in huge numbers to disrupt the business. The defender is a wonderful application that helps to block the intrusion from virus and malware attacks. In addition, the Plugin scans the website and identifies the security vulnerabilities that can be fixed with a single click. You can schedule the scanning process by activating the auto security features. With defender, clients can rest easy and load information without any problem.

6. Jetpack

As the name suggests, the wordpress Plug-in improves the performance of the website. It also improves the information access time and reduces the load on the server. Some of the other attributes include spam protection, Social sharing button, and Email post and related post tool. The jet pack also creates a mobile version of the desktop site for the smart phone and tablet users. The design is extremely responsive, lightweight and is equipped with multi browser compatibility attribute.

7. Akismet

Akismet is crucial in filtering out the comments from the website appearing as spam. It invokes the web service to find the nature of the content before discarding it into the trash. All comments that are flagged or marked can be easily retrieved using the plug-in. In addition, the user information is also stored to monitor the visitors on the website. In fact using the application, the moderator can find out the number of approved comments of the users.

8. Snapshot

The software has incorporated the SEO 2017 Updates by introducing the backup feature. It is necessary to fire up the website in case the server breaks down erasing all the information. The snap shot keeps the back up of the regular back up so that the clients do not face any issue in the case of an eventuality. Some of the locations where the data can be stored are the Drop box, S3, Google Drive or the local computer. Using the snap shot clients can easily manage the backup from the remote devices such as mobile gadgets. To accomplish the task, a simple internet connection is required on the computer.

9. Ultimate branding

A website advertising products and services need to look professional. It is only possible when ultimate branding tool is installed on the website. Created in wordpress environment, the Plugin helps to customize the conventional logo on the page by adding the company name. You can also customize the admin bar, login, and the footer according to the requirements and specifications. In fact, even people with no knowledge of coding can complete the job by few clicks of the button.

It is a breeze to pull up the login form and incorporate the company logo on the top. In addition, one should also include customized design elements, Colors, and suitable fonts. Make them funky or classic depending on the demography of the target audiences.

A customized dashboard is a primary requirement for the clients and ultimate branding helps them to achieve the above-mentioned objective. They can easily make changes and also delegate access rights to the users in a corporate environment. Seamless flow of data ensures the optimized functioning of the business operations.
With the Ultimate brand, the business users would never face compatibility issue or delay in loading speed. It provides on demand capabilities to the users while hiding rest of the attributes. As a result, the web page is lightweight and provides the impeccable user experience.

One of the most important advantages of the Plug-in is that it provides complete control to the clients regarding the marketing message they want to deliver to the target audiences. Therefore, you can easily design effective promotional campaigns for products and services.


Adding Categories and Subcategories To Your WordPress Website Content

Categories and subcategories are often used by website owners to keep their wordpress website content organised for easy access. By default, WordPress uses both categories and tags to assist others in sorting through their website materials. While there is no fixed system on how wordpress website owners are required to organise their files, categories are typically used to store broad topics, while subcategories are used to further organise them into specific topics.

When using default WordPress URL structures, it is easy to notice that the user’s categories and subcategories are nowhere to be seen in post URLs. However, including the category or subcategory post URLs are a highly recommended step since it helps make your wordpress website more user friendly and matches the navigation on websites easily. This is advisable since it offers you the opportunity to inject keywords, which would benefit your overall wordpress website SEO.

To begin adding both categories and subcategories into your WordPress website, visit the settings tab. Locate the page for permalinks using your WordPress Admin and choose the custom structure option made available under common settings. You will then have to add (/%category%/%postname%/) as the structure in the field next to the custom structure and save the changes. This should ensure that your wordpress website will begin generating and including the categories, as well as subcategories.
Test out the function by either editing existing posts or attempting to create a new one. You can file the post under the category of your choice and apply it by selecting update. The changes will be present in it’s permalinks. Do note that wordpress tends to choose category by alphabetical order, and so the URL will structure itself in such a manner.

WordPress also offers priority to the category (parent) first before the subcategory (child). So if you decide to choose the subcategory but neglect to select the patent, the wordpress website will automatically include the patent in. This is a general structure that your website would follow, if you have sub-subcategories however, they would all be included into the generated URL in a format similar to (website.com/main category/subcategory/sub-subcategory).


5 Top Performing WordPress Marketplace Themes To Use

One of the reasons WordPress continues to remain as a popular choice for website owners around the world would be the fact that it is so easily customisable, with plenty of resources one can make use of. Even to this day, the WordPress community continues to grow, design and develop more innovative themes, plugins and features to meet the diverse requirements of different corporations. If you are looking for new wordpress themes to try out, here are 5 top performing WordPress marketplace themes to use:

1. SquareCode

Warmly received by users looking for WordPress themes to design online stores with, SquareCode is an SEO optimised WordPress eCommerce theme. Not only does it come with a responsive design, SquareCode is also known for it’s fast loading times. For users who make use of easy digital downloads to sell digital products, this marketplace wordpress theme can easily integrate with it. In addition, SquareCode comes with filterable menus for the header area, email signup forms and beautiful displays.

2. Makery

Fancy feature rich WordPress themes? The Makery is a marketplace wordpress theme that features sleek clean designs along with a plethora of features. Users can make use of Makery to create stores and highlight their top-selling services. Makery also allows business owners to create call to actions directly in the header area. If you use Google Analytics, integrating it with Makery is straightforward and fuss free. Makery also comes with features like shop commissions, sales counters, carts and essential online store functions!

3. Mango

For users who enjoy multipurpose wordpress themes, Mango is an ecommerce marketplace theme that is definitely worth a mention. Featuring more than 20 demo versions that cover different niche markets, Mango is a theme that features easily navigable grid layouts for your products. You can rely on the layout to easily display a variety of products, add testimonials, feature logos and more! If design is an element you favour, you can enjoy unlimited variations for headers and responsive website designs!

4. Oswad

Another wordpress marketplace theme that is known for it’s versatility would be Oswad. Optimised for design, this responsive theme features multiple homepage demos and allows users the capability to exercise their creativity in customising almost every aspect in the theme. Oswad is also extremely widget friendly and allows users to insert them without much trouble. In addition, this wordpress theme also allows users to integrate with live chat functions, thereby improving the customer’s user experience.

5. Marketify

Website owners can also give Marketify a try! This wordpress theme comes with a rich variety of pre-designed page templates for important store functions like registration, login and contact. Responsive, easily navigable and flexible, Marketify also easily adapts to media functions like video and audio previews. Clients can also choose to use the wishlist or review feature to gather feed back from buyers who visit their online store!


5 WordPress Video Themes For Professionals

In the event that your website requires the use of videos and other visual engagement heavy design elements, it would be in your best interests to search for themes that fit. This is because visually heavy design elements like videos often take up quite a bit of time to load and function properly. You want to make sure that your website is well equipped for playback and other seamless functions without problem. Here are 5 WordPress video themes to try out:

1. Kinetika

Supported by WooCommerce, Kinetika is one of the most popular video themes in WordPress due to it’s versatility and style. Designed to fulfill the purpose of being a responsive fullscreen theme catered towards event posts, photo proofing, portfolio showcase and more, Kinetika is one of the video themes that are capable of displaying slideshows and videos like page backgrounds. You can even tweak the page opacity!

2. Videotube

Another good responsive video theme for WordPress would be Videotube. Videotube facilitates users in creating websites that are video content heavy. With a clean and easy to use platform, users can upload videos through websites like Youtube or even Vimeo and a wide range of video sharing sites as long as they support the oEmbed protocol. In fact, the video theme even goes a step above by providing 10 homepage layouts, up to 6 colour schemes, thumbnail support and more!

3. VideoNews

If you are looking for a video theme that closely resembles a magazine theme, VideoNews is your choice! VideoNews is built to resemble magazine themes while allowing users to upload videos, choose from 5 widget modules and 10 custom widgets, use live search and even provides support for Google rich snippets!

4. SlimVideo

SlimVideo is a WordPress video theme that helps it’s users create websites with a heavy focus on video content featuring. Designed to be responsive, sleek and clean, SlimVideo consists of a capable page builder that users can make use of to create layouts (on a page by page basis), unlimited headers/footers/sidebars, and upload videos. Users can also use the theme safely since there is support for WooCommerce!

5. VideoTouch

VideoTouch comes with a good page builder that grants it’s users full control of their wordpress layout. VideoTouch is fully capable of integrating with WooCommerce as well as BuddyPress, contains unlimited headers/footers/sidebars and allows users to use up to 4 custom post types! Users can also choose btween two types of built in sliders, use the themes option panels and even look through demo content as reference when setting up their theme!


Finetune Your WordPress Website Performance In 5 Steps

Time for a little self-reflection: Take a look at your own wordpress website, if it performing at optimal conditions? Are there any areas that require changing? What could be better and how do you begin making these changes? Start fine-tuning your wordpress website performance today with these 5 steps:

1. Meta data

The structure of WordPress as a CMS itself is designed with SEO in mind. Are you fully making use of it for your SEO strategy? Take a look at your meta data. Are you including keywords into your keyword tags? Are the title tags of your blog posts compelling? Did you include the keyword into your title tag? What about your meta description? While they may seem insignificant compared to the other areas of SEO you could be looking into, there is no denying that even the smallest sections can help contribute to your relevancy. So make sure you are using the metadata to your advantage.

2. Hosting

One of the factors that could affect your WordPress website performance lies in your web hosting service too. If your web hosting server is improperly configured or not optimised, your website speed will be affected. On shared hosting, server resources are shared with multiple people so if your neighbour site gains lots of viewer traffic, the entire service performance can be affected. By using a WordPress hosting service on the other hand, you will have the most optimised server configurations to run wordpress on.

3. Plugins

Most people would take to using plugins to optimise the performance of their WordPress website. However, what people fail to realise is that plugins that are poorly coded can actually play a part in slowing down their website. The more plugins you use, the likelier it is that your website performing speed takes a toll. Make sure to test out each plugin and monitor online sources for feedback on it’s credibility, reliability and potential drawbacks before allowing it to stay.

4. Image/Video

Another important practice to undertake is to make sure that all the images on your WordPress website are optimised. There is a possibility that photos come in large file sizes in their original formats so make sure to use compression tools and stick to formats like JPEG or PNG to reduce the file size. Additionally for videos, it is a recommended practice to embed videos instead or uploading the video into your website directly as that costs you bandwidth and affects back up file sizes.

5. CDN

Different users can have different loading times based on the geographical locations they are located in. To make up for users who may have slower loading times, using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) can really help since it’s made up of servers internationally. These servers store the static files used in your websites so every time a user visits, they will be served the static content from the server that is closest to their location.