5 must have elements of a good website design layout

Given the appropriate tools and platforms, anyone can create a website of their own. But the question is- how do you ensure that your website design is relevant enough to get conversions? Consider these 6 elements: 1: Navigation Is your page navigation contributing to high bounce rates? Take a closer look at your website- can a user enter and immediately […]

6 most popular web design tools used in 2015

The pursuit for perfection is a never-ending race, one designers and developers know well. As a result, designers and developers are always driven to exploring better options and software in order to further hone their skills. If you are a designer or developer, or an aspiring one at the very least- sit up. Here’s 6 of the most popular web […]

How to boost up your business using Facebook Marketing?

Facebook has become an efficient driver of conversions and sales for many businesses. An excellent Facebook marketing campaign makes a business discoverable, connected, insightful, and timely. To successfully market your business on Facebook, you must understand Facebook’s unique opportunities, as well as how it differs from the other media. Want to know how to boost up your business using Facebook […]

Split-testing in Ecommerce stores- why it’s good

Marketing is partly a science, partly an art, and partly luck. Testing everything and assuming nothing is the sure-fire way of doing away with the luck bit. Split-testing, otherwise known as A/B testing helps to remove guesswork and assumptions from marketing. It involves the use of special software to split the traffic into two parts, and running different elements or versions of the […]

4 ways to identify good keywords

The importance of a good SEO ranking cannot be emphasised enough for any corporation or individual that runs their business online. With businesses being conducted on the Internet, it is important for one to identify the right keywords that are going to increase traffic to their sites and possibly increase their sales and brand awareness. There is a lot that […]

5 ways to get keywords with good quality and low traffic

In every niche business, there are keyword phrases. These keywords are ranked according to how many searches appear based on the keywords. Some keywords generate high levels of traffic while others generate low traffic. It is essential to know which keywords generate high levels of traffic. Being number one on Google search engine ranking ensures that there is always traffic […]

6 Benefits of Responsive Web Design

With the increased usage of mobile devices, tablets and smartphones on a global scale, comes a growing urgent demand for responsive web design. User integration across multiple platforms is becoming commonplace as site owners seek out ways to ensure ease of use and consistency with web design as it relates to touch screen buttons, flash integration, layouts and call to […]

13 business productive cloud tools

Cloud tools are a great way to get organized and focus on work. As technology changes and the need for productive tools increases, there are a few great tools that can streamline work and make it easier, faster and more fun. Consider these top tools to help with day-to-day projects, work related items and team collaborations. Cloud Tools   Wunderlust […]

How do you build SEO back links?

Backlinks are crucial in SEO ranking, however not everyone has a clear idea on how they work. There are those dos and don’ts of back linking that you should know by heart before venturing into this field. Here are some great tips that will start you off in the right direction: The Do’s Here is a general rule of SEO […]

5 ways to raise your SEO ranking

Getting noticed on the Internet can feel like an immense challenge, but it is possible to improve a website and achieve this goal. Most traffic on the web still filters through major search engines, especially Google. For this purpose, the practice of search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, has evolved. The idea behind SEO is to design a website […]

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