How to Insert and Format Images

Inserting and formatting an image in WordPress is relatively simple, involving only a few essential steps everyone can do without problems. Whether we talk about websites hosted by WordPress or websites that have this platform installed, the process you have to go through is the same, and thankfully, you do not need coding or programming skills for that. If you […]

How to Place a Banner In the Sidebar

Adding banners to your website is perhaps one of the easiest processes you have to go through when designing your website. Whether we talk about banners that link to internal or external pages, all of them can be easily included to your Sidebar, regardless of how much experience you actually have. Furthermore, whether you have a blog hosted by WordPress […]

How to Add Google Analytics to your WordPress Website

Tracking the performance of your website is a demanding task, especially if you are not used to working with WordPress platform. Thankfully, Google Analytics will offer you everything that you truly need in order to know everything that happens to your website, including number of visits and visitors, keywords, and much more. Once you learn how to install Google Analytics […]

How to Create Backups For Your WordPress Blog?

Backing up your WordPress blog from time to time is essential, particularly because many times, your database might be threatened by external factors, such as viruses, malware and the others. Thankfully, WordPress is an advanced platform with many features that can simplify your life, especially if we talk about backups. If you are concerned about your security and want to […]

How to Use WordPress Widgets in the Sidebar

Using WordPress widgets in your sidebar is probably one of the simplest tasks you have to accomplish in order to build your website and improve its functionality, as well. Widgets can allow you to make your website more visual and add relevant content to increase your visibility and allow visitors to navigate effortlessly on your pages. Furthermore, the sidebar is […]

How To Embed Youtube Video Into Your WordPress Website

For today’s WordPress involves embedding YouTube videos on WordPress. Embedding a YouTube video on WordPress proves to be hard for some people, but with the right guidelines, it’s a few minutes job. Some people insist on the posting of URLs as a form of embedding but this tends not to work in most cases. Embedding the video code is the […]

How to Create Protected Password and Private Page in WordPress

Want to make your selected page to be private or protected? For those using the WordPress website, it is simple to create a protected password and private page. Some company provided a membership page where only members are allowed to enter to the page. Usually the companies also want to avoid people from taking any confidential information or duplicate the […]

Importance and Necessary WordPress Plugins

Basic WordPress installation does not come with everything that a website essentially needs. But WordPress does provide the ability to bring in those necessary and important functionalities with the help of Plugins. From the previous article, plugins help extend the functionality of your WordPress Website.  You will get to learn about few Must Have Plugins and how to configure them. […]

How to Add in Contact Form into WordPress Website

Having problems in identifying and clearing the enquiries? Fret not! There is a way to make it easy for you to avoid any spams by adding a build-in contact forms into your website. PURPOSE OF CONTACT FORM The purpose of using the contact form into your website is to increase your customer’s enquiries and also an effective way for your […]

What are WordPress plugins and how to find plugins?

Plugins for WordPress websites After completion of designing your website, it’s time to improve the functionality of your website. And that’s what WordPress Plugin does. Plugin is what makes WordPress so powerful and so popular. It’s the power house of your website. What are Plugins? Plugins are tools that add functionality to your WordPress website. Plugins can help you make […]

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