5 Google Drive File Management Practices To Adopt

Keep your Google Drive clean and easily organised by using these 5 file management practices as a daily practise. Here’s a recommendation list on what you should be doing in order to maximise the efficiency of Google Drive: 1. Filter Application Filters in Google Drive allows it’s users to hide files that are unimportant so that the focus can be […]

How To: Identify Technical SEO Problems Through Technical SEO Auditing

The process of maintaining healthy SEO practices that are beneficial for your online business requires the continued monitoring of progress, as well as the planning of better informed decisions. Apart from content SEO, one should also take care not to neglect the technical aspect as well. To gauge the effectiveness of technical SEO, identify and rectify technical SEO problems, one […]

BigCommerce VS Shopify Which Is Better

A popular topic of discussion amongst online business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs revolve around the merits between BigCommerce and Shopify. Which is better for the user? Which should they consider using? Before going any further, here’s some information to shed some light upon the topic: Price When it comes down to price, both BigCommerce and Shopify are considerably more affordable […]

How To Create Abandoned Cart Emails in MailChimp

Abandoned carts are quite a common sight when it comes to online shopping. In order to encourage buying conversions, one can actually make use of this opportunity to send abandoned cart emails to potential buyers. If you intend to use abandoned cart emails, here is how you can make use of Mailchimp to craft and create them today: Before you […]

5 Shopify Configuration Tips To Make Use Of

Proper configuration is essential to keep your Shopify Ecommerce store running in optimal efficiency. You want to encourage potential customers into purchasing your products or signing up for your services by enabling the best customer experience through your online store. Here are 5 Shopify configuration tips that can help you do so: 1. Manage Currencies Access your Shopify dashboard and […]

Connect MailChimp Forms To WordPress In 5 Steps

Easily consolidate and keep track of information gathered from potential clients by connecting MailChimp forms to your WordPress website. Ensure that all data gathered are up to date and accurate so as to better make online business decisions. Here are the 5 necessary steps one must undertake to successfully connect MailChimp forms to WordPress: 1. Approach Before you begin connecting […]

Dominate Local SEO Results In 5 Evolving Steps

Reach the top search engine search engine rankings and maintain your position by consistently applying these 5 SEO steps! Evolve your SEO along with the changes in search engine algorithms and don’t be afraid to run tests in order to plot your next step. Here are 5 steps you should be taking in your process of reaching the top position: […]

Level Up Your Email Marketing With These 5 MailChimp Templates

Appeal and improve the opportunity for conversion by strengthening your email marketing strategies. If you are using MailChimp, there are actually templates that you can make use of to further draw your online subscriber’s attention in and encourage them to heed your call to actions. Here are 5 MailChimp templates to consider: 1. Supra Get all your requirements met with […]

5 Ways SMEs Can Use SEO To Compete And Succeed

When it comes to online advertising, everyone has an equal chance at succeeding- as long as they strategise and play their cards right. Small and Medium enterprises earn just as much opportunities to compete with their bigger competitors as long as they place in effort in their marketing and advertising practices. One of the best weapons an SME can use […]

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