What is the Best CMS Platform for SEO?

Focus Keyword– best cms for seo SEO Title– What is the Best CMS Platform for SEO? Meta Description– Uncover some of the most important features that you should be on the lookout for when searching for the best cms for seo that will be used for your site. Before you even think about SEO it is important to have web […]

Why and How to do a Keyword Research for your SEO Campaign?

  Focus Keyword– What Is SEO? SEO Title– What is SEO? How does it benefit you? Meta Description– What exactly is SEO and what are the benefits business people can get from it when it comes to digital marketing? Mega Description-Why you should do an extensive keyword research and how it is done to make sure you are always on […]

How to Edit WordPress Theme CSS Styles

It is fairly easy to edit a WordPress template. Even though many templates have a lot of CSS files, you usually just need to find the right one which contains the most important styles and fonts you may want to change. We recommend you in the first place to use Mozilla Firefox to help you edit WordPress templates. Firefox is […]

How to Use Gravatars for Your Blog

Many people want to know, how they can add some picture next to their name, while commenting on WordPress, because they find this very intriguing. They find many funny cartoon faces, some logos and sometimes real human face pictures next to comment sections. But they don’t know what it is and how to add those. This is where Gravatar comes […]

How to add Audio and Mp3s to your WordPress Blog

A wordpress blog with no additional media is just another blog that will attract minimum if no attention at all. Graphical attachments allow your blog to look more presentable and fun to visitors. The main purpose of incorporating media in a blog is to ensure that descriptions and explanations intrigue the mind of the reader. While inserting media, especially audio, […]

How to Clean Up a New WordPress Blog

WordPress becomes very popular among many website owners today. Many people are using this platform when they are planning to create new websites. It is very simple to install this platform on a website. People can simply visit their cPanel system when they want to install this platform. The installation process doesn’t take too much time. In most cases, people […]

How to Add Thumbnails to Your Posts

Thumbnail is a reduced size versions of certain image. This image is very useful to help all website owners recognize and organize all pictures easily. Therefore, many people are interested to learn how to add thumbnails to the posts quickly. There are several useful tips that people can follow, so they can add these images to their WordPress sites easily. […]

How to Add Text Link Ads

Some people are interested to build their own websites by using WordPress. It is a famous platform that is very popular today. There are some great features that people can find from this platform. It allows all users to earn significant money from the Internet. Using text link ads is believed to be very effective for people who want to […]

How to Create A Sitemap

Sitemap is an important thing in every website. There are many website owners who want to have this sitemap on their sites. It is very useful to help them increase their traffic on their sites. Effective sitemap is very useful to increase the chance of getting the content shown up on some major search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo, or […]

Ways for Ensuring the Security of the WordPress

WordPress training is much necessary for ensuring the security of your WordPress blog. WordPress is one among the most popular platforms that support self hosted websites and blogs. It is an amazing tool that can really make your website and blog work in good manner with all the good and engaging contents that you post. The WordPress has always tried […]

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