Level Up Your Email Marketing With These 5 MailChimp Templates

Appeal and improve the opportunity for conversion by strengthening your email marketing strategies. If you are using MailChimp, there are actually templates that you can make use of to further draw your online subscriber’s attention in and encourage them to heed your call to actions. Here are 5 MailChimp templates to consider: 1. Supra Get all your requirements met with […]

5 Facebook Marketing Tools To Try

Facebook Marketing has really taken off in the corporate industry, after it’s initial introduction. If you’re running a business, it is unsurprising to know if you have several social media platform strategies already in hand. Facebook is an excellent platform to take on when it comes to maximising your reach on the public since almost everyone you know is on […]

WordPress Comment Clean up: Disabling Autolink In 5 Steps

By default, WordPress makes URL links clickable when people leave them in comments. If you are using wordpress websites that rely on interaction with your users, you could be opening yourself up to a possibility of risk: Spammers leaving links to dubious sites, others leaving links to their own websites for unauthorised self promotion, viruses and more. This could lead […]

Create Custom Permalinks In Your WordPress Website With 5 Steps

Help out your overall search engine ranking result by applying SEO friendly tactics to your wordpress website. Apart from the major changes, even minor ones can play an essential part too- including your URL structure. Here’s how to create custom permalinks that are SEO friendly and easily sharable in 5 steps: 1. Basics WordPress comes with SEO friendly URL structures […]

5 Outdated SEO Practices To Scrap

With the intense competition of online marketing, the practice of SEO has been gaining more importance with each passing day. More and more people are catching on and so, it’s important that the marketing team continues to try out new practices that work. Here are some SEO practices that are outdated and should be replaced: 1. Links One of the […]

5 Steps In Creating A Facebook Cover Page Design

Nowadays, it’s common to find almost everyone on social media sites. And amongst all of them, Facebook remains one of the most relevant social media sites- making it the best platform to establish your presence on. Businesses have begun creating their own pages on Facebook, and it is imperative to stand out from them in subtle yet appealing ways. One […]

5 Things To Take Note Of For WordPress Website Text

When it comes to a website, the text is considered the ‘meat’ of your whole package deal. It plays an important factor and you have to make sure you have it legible, yet compliment your overall website design. Here are some things you should take note of when it comes to the text of your wordpress website: Spacing Legibility is […]

5 SEO Misconceptions To Clear Up

When it comes to SEO, it often takes time to come up with SEO practices and track it’s progress. Fortunately, with so many people constantly coming up with new SEO practices, you don’t have to wander around it blindly. Save yourself some time by avoiding these 5 SEO misconceptions: 1. Google Plus A lot of people unfortunately seem to have […]

5 Steps In Designing A WordPress Website For Mobile

Since a large percentage of internet users are from mobile users, it is important to make your wordpress website as mobile responsive as ever in order to cater to these users too. Here is how you can begin designing your mobile friendly wordpress website: Prioritise To help the contents of your website load quickly on mobile phones, prioritise the contents […]

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