How To: Manage Shopify Shop Check Out Options

Once you have successfully established a Shopify shop, you should proceed to manage your check out options before allowing your Shopify website to go live. Take a look at some of the best shopify stores there are out there and gauge what checkout options they have available- what checkout options out of all options can you support? Locate the checkout […]

Facebook Marketing Ad Policy Improvements To Pay Attention To

To ensure the performance and quality of facebook marketing for small business owners, Facebook has recently enforced certain ad policy improvements. If you are a business owner who intends to make use of facebook marketing, there are some policies you have to keep in mind. Take the time to refine your facebook advertising strategy and ensure that your advertisement fulfills […]

SEO Meets Social Media Advertising: How To Maximise Ad Potential

Social Media Marketing can actually contribute quite a significant portion when it comes to your SEO too, especially with the growing importance it has in everyone’s daily lives. Social Media has now equipped businesses with necessary tools and features to best earn online conversions. For example: Ads. Maximise your ad potential through Facebook Advertising today and get value for your […]

5 Top Performing WordPress Marketplace Themes To Use

One of the reasons WordPress continues to remain as a popular choice for website owners around the world would be the fact that it is so easily customisable, with plenty of resources one can make use of. Even to this day, the WordPress community continues to grow, design and develop more innovative themes, plugins and features to meet the diverse […]

Maximising SEO Value In OId Content- What to Try

Not everyone is aware but old content in your website can actually be maximised for SEO. New content takes some time to gain effectiveness, but old, already SEO-friendly content, can actually be maximised for their SEO value too. You have to keep in mind not to create duplicate content, however. What you can instead do is this: Objective Take a […]

5 Ideal MailChimp Templates To Level Up Your Business Newsletters

Make improvements to your already created business newsletters by trying out MailChimp templates instead! Not only are they sleek and optimised for design elements, you can also express your creativity by applying what you please. Here are 5 recommended MailChimp templates to use: 1. Magma Magma is a MailChimp template set that is well received for it’s modern and sleek […]

How To: Improve SEO Results with Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is an important factor that contributes to a company’s marketing strategy. What’s even more essential to note is that when used well, one can actually take advantage of conversational marketing to improve their SEO results. Curious? Here’s how you can go about doing so: Unlike the old days, there are now various internet channels and platforms that encourage […]

5 WordPress Video Themes For Professionals

In the event that your website requires the use of videos and other visual engagement heavy design elements, it would be in your best interests to search for themes that fit. This is because visually heavy design elements like videos often take up quite a bit of time to load and function properly. You want to make sure that your […]

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